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    Cell heavyweight: who will be the last "virus terminator" for Ebola to spread through body fluids?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    After a long period of inquiry, they finally learned that some of the mourners of Ebola patients will also suffer from the diseaseThis is a very important clue, because people in Zaire often touch the body, blood or body fluids of the dead in the process of funeral, and at this time they will habitually rub their eyes with their hands or put their fingers into their mouthA week later, these people were also infected with EbolaSo far, the mystery has been solvedEbola is transmitted through body fluid contactThis is the beginning of Ebola research < br / > Ebola outbreak again < br / > in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2018, Ebola outbreak again frequentlyAccording to the World Health Organization, there is a very effective Ebola vaccine for the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of CongoHowever, although the patients who received the vaccine gradually recovered, how long the protection lasted and how to monitor it became a new concern for researchers and medical staff< br / > DrRafi Ahmed image source: Emory vaccine center < br / > therefore, researchers at Emory University Hospital, led by DrRafi Ahmed, worked with scientists from Stanford University, the University of Wisconsin, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, and the U.SArmy, A detailed immune response study was conducted in four Ebola patients treated in 2014The results showed that the antiviral antibody produced by the patients with Ebola virus continued to evolve and improve after recoveryThe content has been published in the latest cell magazine< br / > doi: < br / > neutralizing antibody found < br / > we know that antibody is a protein produced by the immune system and can attach to viruses or other pathogensBut not all antibodies are "neutralizing antibodies" that are specific to pathogensFor virus infection, the key to protect patients from life-threatening is to produce a high level of specific "neutralizing antibody" < br / > in the latest study, four patients treated at Emory University Hospital produced a large number of antibodies related to Ebola virus during acute infection, but high concentrations of "neutralizing antibodies" only appeared a few months later At the same time, as time goes on, the antibody of patients will change according to the relevant parts of the virus and the tight degree of binding Constant regions of these antibodies are also evolving, which do not touch the virus but absorb other immune components < br / > what we see is different from what we see after vaccination, said Dr Carl Davis, the first author and a postdoctoral researcher at Ahmed lab "we didn't realize before how long it would take to reach the optimal antibody response after infection." < br / > doi: < br / > immune system pathway < br / > the continuous evolution of immune response in these four patients may be due to the presence of virus in some form in the body after recovery As we all know, Ebola virus will stay in the eyes and reproductive system, but it will "train" the ability of the immune system, which means that some segments of the virus exist in the lymph nodes < br / > Davis said, "there are still some proteins around to stimulate B cells of the immune system Even so, we know that the immune system can control the virus so that it doesn't show up in the blood " < br / > although effective antiviral antibodies do not immediately control the immune response, the team was able to detect their presence in four patients while their acute infection was still active Davis said it has been a contentious question whether primary antibody responses have a significant effect on virus resistance compared to other parts of the immune system < br / > today, Ebola's research has made great achievements, but the "battle" has not stopped There are still many problems to be solved, and researchers are still trying to move forward In the future, we can find more B cells that produce similar antibodies from the patients who are vaccinated We hope that Ebola will be completely eliminated in the world as soon as possible! < br / > reference materials: < br / > [1] digital analysis of the human B cell response to Ebola virus infection < br / > [2] anti response vs Ebola keep evolving in survivors, months after recovery
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