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    [Cell News] Dietary fat "goes the wrong way", fatty liver comes to your door

    • Last Update: 2022-01-10
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    Author: Liz Zee Guide: After you drink a milkshake or eat a whole pizza, those dietary fats (the sum of fats in various foods you eat each day) will There is a "way" into your body


    A new study in the laboratory of Dr.
    Natasza Kurpios, associate professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine at Cornell University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, reveals a key molecular mechanism that transmits these fats to another wrong “road”, leading to disease


    "Our research reveals a new mechanism for the absorption of dietary fat," Kurpios said, "and emphasizes another way of dietary fat absorption under several intestinal diseases

    " Recently, their research was published in " "Cell Reports", titled "The asymmetric Pitx2 gene regulates gut muscular-lacteal development and protects against fatty liver disease", in-depth study of the chylo duct of the intestine

    As part of the lymphatic system, these tiny chylotubes absorb dietary fat and guide these lipid molecules into the blood circulation

    Scientists know that chylotubes are essential for fat absorption, but how these chylotubes are formed and the reasons for their dysfunction remain unclear

    110030 Kurpios and his team studied how the intestine develops first in the embryo, and they know that the Pitx2 gene directs the budding cells to the left or right, which is the intestine The key mechanism for the formation of twists and turns


    They wanted to know whether Pitx2 dysregulation might also be the culprit for chylo-duct dysfunction

    They created transgenic mice that produced less Pitx2 protein, and then fed the mice with fluorescent lipids so that they could perform state-of-the-art three-dimensional fluorescence imaging to see the exact location of these dietary lipids in the mice

    "We found that the intestinal lymph vessels of these mice were not working properly," Kurpios said

    "Moreover, their dietary fat enters the liver directly through different pathways, where it accumulates and triggers fatty liver

    " After in-depth observation, Kurpios and his team found that chylotria grew together with surrounding vascular smooth muscle cells and depended on these.


    Normally functioning intestinal lymphatic vessels need the support and signal transduction of these vascular smooth muscle cells, and rely on the Pitx2 left and right pathways to properly arrange the intestinal lymphatic vessels to prevent fatty liver

    Kurpios' discovery has practical significance

    For example, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is very common in the United States.
    It is estimated that up to 25-33% of American adults are affected.
    This disease can eventually lead to loss of liver function


    "Our research shows that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) may be caused by changes in the intestinal fat and lymphatic transport, rather than just the liver itself.
    This has inspired new mechanisms and regulators of this disease.
    'The discovery," said Dr.
    Shining Hu, the first author of the paper


    The next step will be to develop a mouse model that can more accurately analyze how Pitx2 directs the formation of intestinal lymphatic vessels and the formation of the intestine as a complete organ

    With funding from the Vertebrate Genomics Center, the researchers will also collaborate with Dr.
    Iwijn De Vlaminck to generate gene expression profiles of all intestinal cell types, and accurately remove Pitx2 in time and space


    "Overall, we hope that our research in the future against bowel disease, and promote the newly discovered how fat is absorbed by the body

    Kurpios said

    Reference materials: https://medicalxpress.
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