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    Cell therapy presents great prospects, and the drug preparation equipment industry is helping

    • Last Update: 2022-02-11
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    [ Focus on Chemical Machinery Equipment Network ] The so-called cell therapy refers to a treatment method that uses the patient's own (or foreign) adult cells (or stem cells) to repair tissues and organs.
    It is widely used in bone marrow transplantation, malignant tumors and other diseases.

    Chemical machinery and equipment network hotspots pay attention to chemical machinery and equipment
    It is reported that cell therapy is mainly divided into stem cell therapy and immune cell therapy.
    Among them, immune cell therapy is a biological therapy that injects immune cells with anti-tumor activity into tumor patients to directly kill tumors or stimulate the body's anti-tumor immune response to achieve therapeutic effects; while stem cell therapy is to transplant healthy stem cells into the patient's body , To achieve repair, or replace damaged tissues, cells, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.


    The cell therapy industry urgently needs to take the road of localization
    The cell therapy industry urgently needs to take the road of localization

    As a brand new industry different from other biopharmaceuticals, the technology of the cell therapy industry almost relies on imports and is monopolized by multinational companies, leading to serious neck problems and high patient treatment costs.
    In this context, the domestic cell therapy industry urgently needs to embark on the road of localization of industrial technology and product cost control.


    In recent years, after years of development, China's cell therapy industry has a certain industrial foundation, superimposed with national policies, fund support, and capital market entry, the speed of approval and listing of related drugs has accelerated, and the market has shown great potential.


    It is worth mentioning that the effect of cell therapy is closely related to the quality of cell medicine preparation.
    Therefore, promoting the development of the cell therapy industry requires the support of the cell medicine preparation industry.


    It is understood that, different from the production of medicines, the preparation technology and application schemes of cell medicines are diverse, complex and specific, and do not have uniform production standards like general biopharmaceuticals.
    For example, the preparation of cell preparations requires comparison of environmental cleanliness.
    High, and because the cells are active, conventional sterilization methods cannot be used as in the production of medicines.
    Therefore, the cell preparation industry is facing high requirements and challenges.


    Cell medicine preparation equipment industry to help
    Cell medicine preparation equipment industry to help

    Generally speaking, the preparation process of cell drugs mainly includes donor screening, donor detection, collection, processing, separation and purification, storage, etc.
    The key equipment required in the preparation process involves centrifuges , shakers, and RTP culture.
    Boxes , metal baths, microscopes, etc.

    Centrifuge incubator
      In recent years, with the development of the cell therapy industry, in order to better ensure the quality and safety of cell therapy, the domestic cell medicine preparation equipment industry is also helping.


      For example, some equipment companies have built a cell drug flexible manufacturing platform, using isolator technology as the platform technology to integrate the key instruments and equipment required for cell drug preparation, which can realize separation and extraction, induction activation, expansion culture, medium exchange, collection, etc.
    The whole station function realizes the seamless connection from cell drug research and development to cell drug GMP production, realizes the closed operation of the whole process, and prevents cross-contamination in the production process.


      It is reported that the design of the company’s modular cellular drug flexible platform is suitable for the production and preparation of cellular drugs of different processes.
    It has been used in the research and development of innovative drugs such as MSC stem cells, IPS stem cells, MRNA gene drugs, tumor neoantigens, and CAR-T cells.
    There are many successful application cases on the production platform and it is expected to be more widely used in the research and development of cell drugs and GMP production in the future.


      In addition, some domestic equipment companies are aiming at the prospect of cell therapy and are actively deploying cell drug preparation equipment business.
    For example, on May 6 this year, Tofflon mentioned on the interactive platform that the company has continued to invest in the fields of cell preparation and food equipment to improve the overall turnkey engineering capabilities and help the company's sustainable growth in business performance.


      The company recently estimated that the net profit in the third quarter of 2020 will be approximately 279 million to 297 million yuan, an increase of 360% to 390% year-on-year.
    It mentioned in the report that the sales of disinfection products are expected to decrease in the third quarter compared with the previous quarter, but the company continues to deploy cell medicine preparation equipment business and began to contribute performance, effectively making up for the loss of the decline in revenue of disinfection products.


      Original title: Cell therapy presents great prospects, drug preparation equipment industry helps
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