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    Cell: Wall cell integrators regulate cancer cell communication to control the cancer burden!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 9, 2020 /
    PRNewswire/ -- An increase in the formation of bio-valley
    BIOON /- Blood vessels (BV) is thought to drive tumor growth by increasing nutrient deliveryHowever, this observation ignores the potential role of wall cells in the growth oftumorswithout relying on BV function, researchers from Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital at Sun Yat-sen University and the Barts Cancer Institute at Queen Mary University of London, in collaboration with the Journal of Cell, used clinical data and animal experiments to demonstrate that high proportions of wall cell beta-3 integrator-negative tumor BVs are associated with an increase in the size oftumor, but had no effect on the number of BV, the study entitled "Cancer Is SControlled by Cell-Umd 3-Cell-Umin.":Cell
    。 researchers found that in implanted and primary mouse tumor models, the loss of wall cell integrators also promoted the growth of tumor , but had no detectable effects on the number and function of BV At the molecular level, wall cell beta-3 integrator deficiency is enhanced by FAK-p-HGFR-p-Akt-p-p65, which drives the production of CXCL1, CCL2 and TIMP-1 researchers also noted that cCL2 from wall cell sources stimulates signal conduction of tumor cells MEK1-ERK1/2-ROCK2 dependence, improving tumor cell survival and tumor growth overall, the study's data show that wall cells can regulate tumor growth through side secretion signals, which are regulated by beta-3 integrators, providing a previously unknown mechanism for
    growth regulation of tumors ( References: Ping-Pui Wong et al.
    Cancer Burden Controll Ised by Mural Cell-beta 3-Integrin Regulated Crosstalk with Cancer Cells Cell 2020.DOI:
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