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    Cement prices generally rise and the sector consolidates slightly

    • Last Update: 2022-04-06
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      Against the background of the general rise in cement prices across the country, many stocks in the cement sector rose slightly on the 26th.
    As of the close, Shangfeng Cement rose 1.
    60% to close at 22.
    20 yuan; Huaxin Cement rose 1.
    02% to close at 23.
    86 yuan; Wannianqing rose 0.
    79% to close at 14.
    12 yuan; Fujian Cement rose 0.
    56% to close at 8.
    95 yuan.

      However, the statistics of Flush show that from the perspective of capital flow in the past 5 days, the funds of Jidong Cement, Huaxin Cement, Shangfeng Cement, Wannianqing, Tower Group and other stocks are in an overall outflow state.

      Recently, the production and sales of the cement industry have generally exceeded expectations, and many companies have increased their sales in the first three quarters year on year.
    Jidong Cement's combined sales of cement and clinker in the first three quarters increased by 3.
    6% year-on-year; Tower Group's revenue in the first three quarters was approximately 4.
    675 billion yuan, an increase of 5.
    50% year-on-year; Wannianqing achieved total operating income of 8.
    84 billion yuan in the first three quarters, an increase of 20.
    4% year-on-year .

      Recently, cement prices have continued to rise in many parts of the country.
    According to data from China Cement Network, the national cement price index has risen by more than 2.
    8% in October, breaking through 150 points, and the central and southern regions have also begun to strengthen gradually.
    Cement companies in multiple regions have successively issued notices of price increases.
    Enterprises in Jiangsu, Guangxi, Fujian, Hebei, Henan and other places have issued notices of price increases.

      As for the reason for the price increase, Huachuang Securities pointed out that as the weather turns cold recently, many northern cities have issued warnings of heavy pollution weather, initiated emission reduction measures, and restricted the production and transportation of cement and other building materials.
    In addition, due to the increase in demand from the downstream real estate industry, cement inventories have declined rapidly, and major cement manufacturers have a strong willingness to increase prices.

      Guotai Junan believes that the recent staggered production has supported cement prices.
    In addition, the growth rate of fixed investment and infrastructure investment supported by new and old infrastructure in September turned from negative to positive, and real estate development investment continued to grow.
    In the short term, many major investment projects started intensively in October.
    And the substantial increase in excavator sales shows that the demand is still strong.

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