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    Centralized purchase of consumables: what are the new ideas and controversies of Nanjing alliance's unprecedented growth?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    Wen / MA Wanqi < br / > on June 9, Nanjing, Huai'an and Taizhou medical consumables Centralized Procurement Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "Nanjing alliance") expanded the scope of the allianceNine cities including Anqing, Chuzhou, Hefei, Huangshan, Maanshan, Tongling, Wuhu, Xuancheng and Zhenjiang joined the alliance, and Nanjing alliance expanded into 12 citiesAccording to statistics, 12 cities of Nanjing alliance have a permanent resident population of 50.8 millionThere are 493 secondary and tertiary medical institutions, including 115 tertiary medical institutions and 378 secondary medical institutions" < br / > analysis: Nanjing alliance has 50.8 million people, and the economic and social development level of the region is highThe procurement share of the alliance cannot be underestimated, and the logic and results of price reduction are also concernedFrom the perspective of expanding the scope of Nanjing alliance, it is different from "3 + 6", highlighting the characteristics of Lianyuan districtConsumables "3 + 6" is more like Sanming alliance, focusing on price "cloud linkage"Nanjing alliance only focuses on the local market and attracts more mature enterprises to fight for the first timeFrom the three city alliance to the twelve city alliance, the enterprises that have been successful for a long time in this market are forced to come out to participate in the negotiation, which makes it not surprising that Nanjing mode includes "the overall procurement of single enterprise products with volume"< br / > in 2020, Nanjing alliance will carry out alliance procurement in various forms: 1Carry out product oriented procurement with volume, effectively reduce prices and share procurement results2Carry out the overall procurement of single enterprise products with volume3Carry out negotiation on the lowest price of medical consumables, collect the lowest price of the same medical consumables in China, and implement dynamic price adjustment in each alliance city4 Carry out negotiation on price sharing of alliance procurement, organize production and supply enterprises to negotiate on results sharing, and expand the benefits of alliance procurement results " < br / > analysis: the four forms of Nanjing mode are like four carriages, and one of the major directions is the occurrence of movement Carry out product LED procurement, carry out negotiations on the lowest price of medical consumables (national linkage, dynamic adjustment), and make use of the time of new medical reform Carry out the overall volume purchase of single enterprise products, including local interests Carry out negotiation on price sharing of alliance procurement, and strive for industrial personnel and < br / > the main controversy is to carry out the overall volume purchase of single enterprise products We understand that: on the one hand, we can speed up the price adjustment with quality assurance while respecting the current situation of clinical share; on the other hand, it also brings flexibility to the centralized purchase of consumables, and individual enterprises put forward applications or invitations to reflect their social responsibilities, role models, reform attitudes, etc There are also risks < br / > first, who is the object to carry out the overall volume purchase of single enterprise products At present, it is very reasonable to adopt the way of enterprise application to avoid the administrative interference of enterprises and products, which will violate the market principle; second, who has priority to become the object of the overall volume purchase of single enterprise's products After the three rounds of experiments, those who want to follow the trend can maintain transparency and order, that is to say, whether this mode can be sustained < br / > we suggest following three flexibilities: first, although there is a certain threshold for this special mode, it is flexible and accessible for everyone, especially for enterprises with a certain sales scale in the alliance, they are encouraged to apply for participation The second is that the special mode is destined to be a supplement of product LED volume procurement, and the boundary should not be crossed before integration Third, the special model is negotiated in advance, and the products can be included in the bidding at any time < br / > let's talk about how to adapt to industrial competition and clinical rigid demand by excluding price factors and developing the overall volume purchase mode of single enterprise products As we all know, there are many kinds of consumables with different quality For some highly difficult and exclusive consumables, or consumables with poor popularity, the hospital alliance procurement should absolutely pay attention to the clinical selection opinions, and the collection conditions are not mature < br / > in other words, due to the contradiction between economy, effectiveness and safety, there is criticism on the quantity of such consumables Take more, catch up with competitors fret There's no way to talk about the price reduction Volume purchase is very powerful Based on the actual supply and demand environment, it can only be used with restraint For example, in the Nanjing alliance, price linkage is OK because they are close to each other, and it is forced to let them go everywhere < br / > On August 16, 2019, Nanjing, Taizhou and Huai'an started the first negotiation on the volume of consumables, with an average decrease of 72.61% (including 75.14% in Nanjing) In the last three rounds of negotiations, the representatives of the hospital procurement alliance were invited to negotiate with one enterprise at a time The price of multiple varieties of the enterprise was reduced at the same time, with an average range of 25%, 30% and 30%, respectively " < br / > analysis: in the last three rounds of negotiation on consumables, the biggest success of Nanjing alliance lies in timely price reduction, which is similar to the pilot volume procurement in many parts of the country That is to say, although the varieties are numerous and the interests are complex, the momentum of the irreversible reduction of sales with gold and drug consumption and price reduction is reflected first along with the orthodox centralized procurement activities, and the strategy is also active and the plan is later , because of the first mock exam of the total volume purchase of individual enterprises in Nanjing alliance, it is even more obvious that it is feasible to explore the "quantity" and "quantity" of the products Only by giving a small amount or no amount to this model can we avoid more controversy Given a small amount or no amount of this model, the matching can be reduced by 25%, 30% or less, which can still encourage enterprises to participate < br / > there must be some objections to say that it is not only one of the centralized purchase modes to carry out the overall volume purchase of a single enterprise's products, but also a small amount or no volume Isn't that the buyer's game? Not all of them After all, the purchaser provides a display platform for the relevant enterprises The newcomer proves my existence to the medical insurance and hospital, and the landowner declares to the competitor that I already exist Moderate price reduction can enhance the existence < br / > we must pay attention to the fact that the market share that has been affected by the reform is actually limited In the view of the whole market share, it is only a small area that needs to be expanded Why can't we expand rapidly? This includes the process of industrial evolution and natural adaptation or elimination The price reduction is better than no price reduction, and the marginal mode of volume purchase is better than no price reduction The overall volume purchase of a single enterprise is also launched < br / > in the living water, it must be deeper and deeper In Nanjing alliance, the overall volume purchase of single enterprise's products attracts the enterprise in stages, and the enterprise also obtains stage benefits through active self-regulation, but how long is the stage? It depends on how fast the competitor environment is built The expansion of Nanjing alliance to 12 cities is a fire; more enterprises participate in it is two fires; the third is centralized mining < br / > there are several penetrations in the product LED volume purchase: first, directly penetrate the hospital level, with secondary and tertiary hospitals participating together, without the separation of chicken and dog fences and one acre of land; second, indirectly penetrate the overall volume purchase mode of single enterprise products, either through the national linkage and dynamic adjustment, or under the special mode, the product repetition between enterprises is pulled into the mainstream mode.
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