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    Changjiang Coatings Company held three second sessions of the professional congress

    • Last Update: 2021-02-28
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    China Coatings Network
    : January 30, Jiangsu Changjiang
    Co., Ltd. successfully held three second sessions of the Congress.
    meeting was chaired by Jiang Yonglong, president of the trade union. Forty-four staff representatives and 26 deputy managers and more than the head of the workshop and department attended the meeting.
    Zhang Wei, the general manager of The People's Congress, first made a report on the administrative work entitled "Revitalise a new look, tap new impetus, and strive to step up to the transformation and raise a new level". The report is realistic and hierarchical, that is, no exaggeration of achievements and gains, nor the lack of words and problems, macro-analysis of the situation accurate and refined, micro-arrangement of specific and detailed work, so that delegates clear objectives, firm confidence.

    Seient River Coatings Company
    held three second professional congress
    Changjiang Coatings Company held three second professional congress
    2014 in the face of slowing national economic growth, coating environment living space increasingly forced pressure, Yangtze River coating adhere to the "transformation, upgrading, breakthrough" Improving "unshakable, with the sense of risk, the concept of development, the spirit of research, the style of hard work, difficult, in the market development, technology research and development, production security, resource optimization and other aspects have been developed by great swast enough, to achieve the main economic indicators of sustained growth, employees have also been brought about by enterprise development more income benefits.
    Speaking of 2015, Zhang explained to delegates one by one the company's top ten goals, I hope you will glow a new look, create new thinking, dig new impetus, come up with new measures, closely around the "transformation, improve" the theme of the annual work, sincere unity, with the wisdom and positive energy of the team, to do a solid job every day, to ensure that production and sales can grow 12.5% YoY!
    , Jiang Yonglong, the president of the trade union, made a report on the work of the trade union "to be proactive and make every effort to contribute more to the transformation and improvement of the Yangtze River coatings". In 2014, the company's trade unions played a better role as a bridge and link, and strived to create a stable and harmonious, democratic management, cohesion atmosphere. Around the enterprise economic center and the annual goal, carried out three labor competitions, process re-creation on-site experience exchange promotion meeting, Sefushan collective wind, staff photography exhibition and other activities, enriched the spiritual and cultural life of employees;
    also considered and adopted the 2014 Report on the Implementation of the Company's Collective Contract, the Special Collective Contract for the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Women Workers, the 2014 Review of the Company's Trade Union Funds, and the Report on the Implementation of the Company's Supplemental Medical Insurance for 2014.
    Before the end of the conference, trade union member Yang Shaoyun read out in the name of staff representatives to the company's employees issued "for the Yangtze River paint transformation to improve positive Lide, work, stand up for the initiative", advocating that we should practice perfect moral character as the basis for the struggle for the workplace; Courage and "do not break the building lan finally do not return" hard gas, become high output, good quality, technical excellence, business communication, strong ability of skilled workers and skilled workers;
    believe that the congress, which will be held soon after the opening year, will be beneficial to the yangtze River team's unified thinking, uplifting spirit and even the completion of the year-round tasks.
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