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    Changzhou develops a new type of spray dryer in one step

    • Last Update: 2022-05-09
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      Recently, Changzhou Yiyi Drying Equipment Co.
    , Ltd.
    has developed a high-speed centrifugal spray dryer by comprehensively using a variety of innovative technologies to provide basic equipment and technical support for the industrial production of lithium battery cathode materials


      The machine adopts magnetic filtration technology, which can effectively avoid the incorporation of iron ion impurities and maintain the conductivity of the positive electrode material; it adopts pulse dust removal and cooling protection technology, and realizes cooling protection safety interlocking under intelligent control operation

      The company improved and innovated the key device centrifugal atomizer, replaced gears with higher rotation speed, increased the diameter of the atomizing disc, thickened the main shaft, etc.
    to speed up the line speed, and the atomized droplets were finer

    In order to better capture the finished product, they increased the area of ​​the bag filter to improve the material collection rate, and the dry powder recovery rate was higher than 99.

    In addition, by improving the packing density of lithium iron phosphate, the company makes its monomer particles reach the quality requirements of 10~30 microns and finished product moisture content of 3%~5%


      The company uses a high-speed centrifugal spray dryer to dry and produce a water-soluble liquid material for lithium iron phosphate cathode material, which can obtain micro-spherical particles with uniform particle size, compact structure and good fluidity, and realize continuous drying production

      The machine adopts the high temperature solid phase synthesis production method, which can dry the liquid into powder products at one time, without crushing and screening after drying, reducing production process and air pollution, reducing energy consumption and production cost, and improving product purity and production efficiency
    They achieve energy saving and emission reduction by adopting waste heat recovery and recycling devices


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