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    [Chemical Industry Review] How can the chemical industry park be shut down?

    • Last Update: 2021-05-01
    • Source: Internet
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      On April 4, Yancheng City proposed to completely close the Xiangshui Chemical Park and support the construction of "chemical-free zones" in various regions.
    Although this news was released on the Ching Ming holiday, it still caused widespread repercussions in the whole society.
      Many comments under this message stated that this is a typical "one size fits all.
    It is right to rectify and even close dangerous chemical companies that have seriously violated regulations, but closing the entire park in a “one size fits all” manner not only hurts the innocent, but also gives up food due to choking.
    The idea of ​​building a "no chemical zone" due to an accident is even more bizarre.

      Someone questioned whether there would be a "forest-free zone" if the forest fires; if the bridge collapsed, would a "bridge-free zone" be set up; if there was an air crash, would the flight be banned.

      Another question: the chemical park would be closed Is it to conceal the initial planning errors and later management problems? Or is it a hundred? Who will bear the cost of the relocation and reconstruction of chemical companies?
      Is it safe and environmentally friendly if the chemical industry is eliminated? Without the chemical industry, what can we rely on to support modern The development of industry, agriculture, military, aerospace, transportation, information industry, and the national economy? How to improve people’s lives and how to move towards a well-off society?
      Others have further explored: what purpose the chemical park will be used for after its closure and how to repair it Land, have you thought about these things in depth?
    It's not unreasonable to ask questions like this.

      They did not follow the rules and violently intervened in the enterprise.
    In the past, there was investment promotion that "dug into the basket is the vegetable", and then there was a problem with the "one size fits all" shutdown of the enterprise.
    Before the accident has been investigated, the company was eagerly "broken.
    This approach is not only simple and rude, but also evades problems and shirks responsibilities.
    It is formalism, bureaucracy, and is a typical inaction and inaction.

      The closure of chemical parks and even the construction of "chemical-free zones" will have a sensible and scientific consideration of the negative impacts on downstream industries and the real economy.
    After the accident, experts are organized to conduct in-depth investigations, find out the essential problems and direct and indirect causes, and explore solutions; at the same time, learn lessons and start with technology, equipment, personnel, etc.
    , to better manage the chemical park and achieve intrinsic safety is the correct solution.

      On April 8, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee chaired by Lou Qinjian, Secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, emphasized that the chemical industry is a pillar industry in the province.
    It is necessary to treat the chemical industry in a comprehensive and dialectical manner, adhere to classified policies, and systematically promote the improvement and improvement of the province's chemical industry.
    For enterprises that meet safety production and environmental protection standards, we must support technological transformation and improve the industrial chain, and we must make overall plans and one strategy for each enterprise.
    This is a rational judgment and decision on the development of the chemical industry.

      The chemical park is a new development method adopted in the late 1990s after a long-term study and summary of the law of chemical industry development.
    It is the result of reform and opening up.
    Parkization can achieve centralized management, upstream and downstream integration, and is a safer, environmentally friendly and sustainable development method.
    The development experience of many chemical parks proves this point.

      General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when inspecting the Xingfa Group’s New Materials Industrial Park last year that the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt does not involve major development, not that major development is not necessary, but that ecological restoration of the Yangtze River is the first priority and no destructive development is allowed.
    By establishing rules, the industry is forced to transform and upgrade, develop suitable industries, and achieve scientific, orderly, and high-quality development.

      Therefore, it is not possible to deny other chemical companies in the park because of a particularly serious accident, let alone the development of the chemical industry in the park and even the entire chemical industry.

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