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    Home > Organic Chemistry Topics > Organic Chemistry Project > Chemical industry: Wanhua raised the listing price of polymeric MDI, polyester filament, PC, and PVC continued to rise

    Chemical industry: Wanhua raised the listing price of polymeric MDI, polyester filament, PC, and PVC continued to rise

    • Last Update: 2022-02-19
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    A quick overview of the weekly market
    ????? The basic chemical sector rose 1.
    84% from last week, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index fell 0.

    The basic chemical sector outperformed the broader market by 2.
    02 percentage points, ranking 8th among all sectors

    According to the classification of Shenwan, the top growth rates of the basic chemical sub-sectors are: carbon black 12.
    79%, other fibers 11.
    13%, phosphorous chemicals and phosphate 7.
    24%, other chemical raw materials 6.
    15%, and potash fertilizer 5.

    The top decliners were: ????? Other plastic products -3.
    19%, and civilian explosive products -0.

    ????? Key chemical product prices and operating trends

    ????? WTI oil prices rose 4.
    81% this week, quoting 49.
    04 US dollars / barrel

    Of the 129 chemicals we tracked, 56 were up, 33 were flat, and 40 were down

    The chemical products with the highest gains this week are: Nitrile rubber (8.
    57%), glyphosate (7.
    57%), pure MDI (6.
    67%), cyclohexanone (4.
    92%), butyl acrylate ( 4.

    The chemical products with the highest decline this week are: octanol (-10.
    5%), DOP (-8.
    5%), aniline (-6.
    93%), R32 (-5.
    88%), perchloroethylene (-5.

    Chemical fiber: the price of viscose staple fiber is 15,900 yuan/ton and remains unchanged; the price of viscose filament 120D is 38,500 yuan/ton and remains unchanged; the price of spandex 40D is 33,500 yuan/ton, down 1.
    5%; East China PTA The price was 5240 yuan/ton, down 1.
    6%; the price of East China polyester staple yarn was 8225 yuan/ton, down 1.
    5%; the price of East China polyester POY was 8450 yuan/ton, up 2.
    2%; the price of East China acrylic fiber was 14750 yuan/ton, stay the same

    ????? Agrochemical: Hualu Hengsheng (small pellets) urea quoted at 1,520 yuan/ton, down 6.
    75%; Sichuan Jinhe powdered 55% monoammonium quoted at 1,800 yuan/ton, remaining unchanged; Southwest Plant (64 % Brown) diammonium quotation is 2200 yuan/ton, which remains unchanged; Qinghai Salt Lake 95% potassium chloride is quotation 2,000 yuan/ton, which remains unchanged; ?????Xinjiang Lop Nur 50% potassium sulfate price is 2550 yuan/ton, Remain unchanged; the price of glyphosate was 21,500 yuan/ton, up 7.
    50%; the price of pure pyridine was 27,000 yuan/ton, remaining unchanged

    ????? Polyurethane and plastics: East China pure MDI quoted at 24,500 yuan/ton, up 6.
    52%; East China polymer MDI quoted at 25,400 yuan/ton, up 2.
    01%; East China TDI quoted at 30,750 yuan/ton, up 4.
    24%; 1800 molecular weight East China PTMEG quoted 18,900 yuan/ton, remaining unchanged; East China propylene oxide quoted 10475 yuan/ton, remaining unchanged; East China PC quoted 23,250 yuan/ton, an increase of 3.

    ????? Chlor-alkali, soda ash: East China calcium carbide method PVC quoted 6,800 yuan/ton, up 1.
    49%; East China ethylene method PVC quoted 7,050 yuan/ton, up 1.
    44%; light soda ash quoted 1,600 yuan/ton, remaining unchanged; The price of heavy soda ash is 1700 yuan/ton, which remains unchanged

    Rubber: natural rubber was quoted at 12,850 yuan/ton, down 5.
    17%; styrene butadiene rubber was quoted at 11,450 yuan/ton, down 2.
    14%; butadiene rubber was quoted at 11050 yuan/ton, down 1.
    78%; Jiangxi Panther Carbon Black The quotation is RMB 6,500/ton, which remains unchanged

    ????? Titanium dioxide and others: Pangang Titanium Industry Titanium Concentrate quoted at 1500 yuan/ton, remained unchanged; Sichuan Dragon Mang titanium dioxide quoted at 20,200 yuan/ton, remained unchanged; DMC quoted at 18500 yuan/ton, down 5.

    ?????Investment views and suggestions: Environmental protection and maintenance are superimposed on the demand for inventory replenishment in the third quarter.
    Recently, the price of chemical products has generally risen.
    We believe that the price increase trend is expected to be maintained in the third quarter.
    Continue to recommend the second-tier white horse stocks with high performance growth and low valuation

    Recommend Tongkun shares, Hualu Hengsheng and Yangnong Chemical, optimistic about the viscose and PVC sectors

    ?????Supply for overhaul of polycarbonate devices is tight, and prices continue to rise.
    Jiangshan Chemical is recommended

    The demand for lithium battery materials continues to pick up.
    We recommend the star combination of Xingyuan Materials and Cangzhou Pearl; the growth prospects of electronic chemicals are broad.
    We recommend Guoci Materials and Wanrun

    ????? Risk warning: falling oil prices; major safety incidents; uncertainty in environmental protection policies

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