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    Chengdu held China's first emergency earthquake warning exercise for dangerous chemicals

    • Last Update: 2021-02-27
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    : 18 pm, accompanied by the earthquake warning receiving terminal countdown, a tense earthquake warning exercise was held in Chengdu, a chemical logistics company, to improve the earthquake warning-based emergency response capacity, reduce secondary disasters caused by earthquakes. It is understood that this is also China held the first risk of earthquake warning exercises.
    the drills simulated a 7.5-magnitude earthquake in Wenchuan, providing the company with a 20-second warning time. When the early warning alarm sounded, the company in accordance with the "earthquake disaster early warning emergency plan" automatically start emergency response, leaders and employees quickly rushed to the designated emergency work site, immediately stop on-site operations, emergency closure of critical chemical storage tank valves and other emergency measures to control the occurrence of danger.
    , the western Xiangxiang Chemical Logistics Co., Ltd. set dangerous chemicals to hair, transit, loading and unloading, warehousing, distribution as a whole, there are nearly 200 employees. Lin Yun, chairman of the company, told reporters that if a strong earthquake led to secondary disasters, will endanger the safety of the company and surrounding people's lives and property. "Through the exercise, the company's employees in the event of an earthquake will achieve an orderly evacuation, and complete the power off, valves and other work to avoid secondary disasters." In the face of earthquakes, you can be prepared. The
    was supported by key laboratories in Sichuan Province for earthquake warning. The head of the laboratory, Dr. Wang Wei, said that after the installation of earthquake early warning equipment, the factory can achieve valve synchronous closure, personnel to escape synchronously, to avoid the release of toxic and harmful gases, at present, Chengdu Metro, gas companies, power companies and other places have been installed this early warning equipment.
    Wang said that 25 provinces and cities in China have built nearly 2 million square kilometers of earthquake warning network, covering Chinese dense multi-quake areas of 80%, continuous successful warning of Lushan's 7-magnitude earthquake, Ludian earthquake, Jinggu earthquake and other 25 earthquakes caused damage.
    , the public and major projects have enjoyed the service of earthquake warning through mobile phones, radio and television, micro-blogs and special receiving terminals, and achieved remarkable disaster reduction results. However, the reception of earthquake warning information is still a "soft spot". Although China's earthquake warning network already covers 650 million people, less than 0.3% of the population can actually use earthquake warning information.
    Theoretical studies have shown that a three-second warning can reduce the casualty ratio by 14 percent, a 39 percent reduction in the casualty ratio if it is 10 seconds, and a 20-second warning time can reduce the casualty ratio to 63 percent.
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