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    Chewing gum containing a two-peptide sweetener

    • Last Update: 2021-02-25
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    the past chewing gum, during chewing the sweetness quickly reduced, generally after a few minutes, not only do not feel the sweet taste, but will feel the bitter taste of the glue. The use of sweeteners such as saccharin is a
    with better
    sweeteners, but produces bitters and other unpleasant flavours. In the whole or part of the use of ddipeptide sweeteners in chewing gum, not the use of ddipeptide sweeteners alone, but the use of solid fats, emulsizers, polysaccharides and ddipeptide sweeteners
    of the grease complex containing two peptide sweeteners.

    Ingredients Formula 25 grease complexes containing dipeptide sweeteners 1.75 servings spices 1 serving

    production method
    1. Oil belly compounds containing dipeptide sweeteners: 20% fortressamer, 20% for paracetamol, 20% for waxy cornstyl starch, 40% for hydrogenated rapeseed oil (or rice bran wax, or Brazilian palm wax). First the solid ester
    melts, adds other ingredients, dissolves the mixture and cools it down, then crushes it with a shredder, or dries the dissolved mixture with a spray
    machine, the powder particle size is preferably less than 12 eyes.

    2. According to the conventional method of heating mixed modulation glue base, add sweeteners to the glue base, evenly mixed and molded into flakes, after cooling cut off the packaging.

    product characteristics the taste time is 2 to 5 times longer than ordinary chewing gum, extended by 12 to 25 minutes.

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