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    Children's food brand "Little Yellow Elephant" has received tens of millions of investment to create delicious and healthy children's food

    • Last Update: 2021-04-22
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    FBIF was informed that in March 2021, the children's food brand "Little Yellow Elephant" announced that it had completed tens of millions of yuan in financing, and the investor was Zhen Fund.

    Prior to this, the little yellow elephant had completed a personal seed round of financing in June 2020.
    Later, in December 2020, the tens of millions of angel round financing led by Zhen Fund was completed.

    Little Yellow Elephant was established in June 2020 and is committed to becoming a leading brand of children's health food in China.
    In December 2020, Little Yellow Elephant launched its first product-Guqi series of children's nutritional growth cereals.
    This product pursues a more suitable nutritional ratio for Chinese children and creates an exclusive healthy food solution for Chinese children.
    Tmall purchase data shows that the 30-day repurchase rate of Xiaohuangxiang’s first cereal reached 17%.

    Little Yellow Elephant with Gu Qi Series Children's Nutritional Growing Oatmeal

    Image Source: Little Yellow Elephant

    It is reported that this financing will be mainly used to continuously expand categories, expand markets, and integrate global supply chains.
    For this round of financing, Xiao Huang Xiang said that while meeting the tastes of children, it will respond to the needs of the new generation of parents for "no additives" and "balanced nutrition", and provide more diverse scenarios, broader categories, and more nutritious foods.
    For Chinese children.
    Statistics show that the number of children aged 0-14 in my country has exceeded 235 million.

    Founder Wang Yi is a serial entrepreneur.
    Before founding Little Yellow Elephant, he has successively established a number of food supply chain companies, serving customers including McDonald’s, KFC, Mars, COFCO, Royal, Binbao, Meiwei Group, Louis Dreyfus and other well-known companies.
    Enterprises have accumulated abundant supply chain resources at home and abroad.
    During Wang Yi's university, he was also a professional basketball player.

    Wang Yi said to 36 krypton that the daily diet of children aged 4 to 14 in many families in China is generally unscientific.
    It is a challenge to eat the most adequate nutrition, which is reflected in too much refined carbohydrate, too little protein and calcium intake, and The nutritional combination of Chinese food and existing children's food is difficult to meet the requirements of compound nutritional supplement and good taste.
    According to Wang Yi, the little yellow elephant mainly targets the daily scenes of Chinese children’s breakfast, school scenes, post-exercise and snack supplements, and pursues the product concept of "made for China, made for children", and formulates corresponding nutrition matching plans based on the physique of Chinese children.
    , Provide "zero addition", "nutrition balanced" food.

    The core team of Little Yellow Elephant has been deeply involved in the food supply chain for more than 15 years.
    At the same time, it has BRC (British Retail Consortium, British Retail Consortium) certification, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification, and ISO22000 certification.
    Wang Yi told 36Kr that the raw materials of Little Yellow Elephant's products will select the resources of the global fruit and vegetable supply chain, and combine the seasonal and taste preferences to sort out and build a multi-product system.

    Taking the first "Grain-rich series of children's nutritional growth instant cereals" as an example, the little yellow elephant added 6 kinds of grains and 4 kinds of fruits to help children supplement vitamin A, vitamin D and calcium.
    In terms of technology, Little Yellow Elephant currently uses FD Aerospace freeze-drying technology for freeze-drying fresh fruit, which can retain more than 95% of the nutrition; at the same time, it has developed a three-stage low-temperature baking technology, which is dried in multiple times instead of one-time drying.
    Guaranteed crispy taste.

    In March 2021, Little Yellow Elephant will launch "Little Yellow Elephant X Fainted Sheep" co-branded limited edition oatmeal, DHA nutrition growth series oatmeal and other products.
    Thanks to the word-of-mouth spread of the product among emerging families such as Baoma and athletes' families, according to Roy, the current 30-day repurchase rate of the little yellow elephant has reached 17%.

    In recent years, the children's snack market has risen rapidly.
    From 2019 to 2023, the children's snack market is expected to grow steadily at a compound annual growth rate of 10% to 15%.
    [2] However, when the new generation of parents choose children's food, they will encounter the problem of unhealthy and unhealthy food that their children love to eat.
    In addition, Chinese children also have heavy schoolwork, less outdoor sports, and less sun exposure.
    The "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese School-age Children" issued by the Chinese Nutrition Society in 2016 emphasized that children need a healthy diet and reasonable selection of snacks; increase exercise and maintain appropriate weight gain.

    Little Yellow Elephant with Gu Qi Series Children's Nutritional Growing Oatmeal

    Image Source: Little Yellow Elephant

    In this case, strengthening exercise and a comprehensive healthy diet are the most important solutions.
    According to this idea, Little Yellow Elephant, based on the usage scenarios of breakfast and snacks, launched the first gluten-rich series of children's nutritional growth oatmeal to meet the nutritional supplements needed for children's daily growth.
    And the product is in a small portable package, which is more suitable for eating in various scenes such as cram school, going out, after exercise, snacks, etc.

    In addition, Little Yellow Elephant's Guqi series of children's nutritional growth oatmeal has made significant innovations from raw materials to packaging.
    Oatmeal contains six grains of millet, corn, rice, rye, oats, and wheat, which can replace refined carbon water and supplement dietary fiber.
    4 kinds of freeze-dried fresh fruits and 6 kinds of healthy foods rich in various nutrients can help children eat more fruits, vegetables and minerals.
    Oatmeal does not add artificial preservatives, flavors, colorings and other ingredients.

    According to Xiao Huangxiang, the raw materials of the Guqi series of children's nutritional growth cereals are from high-quality origins at home and abroad.
    Due to the rich variety of raw materials, only a dozen factories are involved, and low-temperature freeze-drying, baking, etc.
    are used.
    Food industry technology, and finally centralized packaging in domestic factories.

    Little yellow elephant fruit nutritious growth cereal for children

    Image Source: Little Yellow Elephant

    Founder Wang Yi said that in addition to the pursuit of recipes and craftsmanship, the little yellow elephant also aims at children's attention to the cultural value and social value of food.
    The packaging of the entire product line of Little Yellow Elephant is a cartoon produced by Little Yellow Elephant’s own comics studio.

    In addition, Little Yellow Elephant and the original domestic animation IP "Faint Sheep" have collaborated on a series of popular science short films based on scientific nutrition knowledge, hoping to let children understand the importance of healthy eating through the relaxed form of video.
    In March 2021, Little Yellow Elephant X Collapsed Sheep Co-branded Limited Edition Cereals will be launched.
    In the same month, DHA Nutrition Growth Series Cereals will also be launched.

    Little Yellow Elephant is about to launch the daily DHA series of children's growth nutrition oatmeal

    Image Source: Little Yellow Elephant

    In 2021, the Little Yellow Elephant will continue to expand the cereal-based zero food category, and at the same time launch a variety of SKUs such as cheese-based cheese bobo balls on the basis of oatmeal.

    It is reported that Wang Yi, the founder of Little Yellow Elephant, has more than 15 years of entrepreneurial experience and has successfully operated multiple 1 billion-level projects.
    Before founding Little Yellow Elephant, he also served domestic and foreign companies including McDonald's, KFC, Mars, and COFCO.
    Has created a wealth of overseas supply chain resources.

    At present, the little yellow elephant is in the critical stage of attracting traffic online and activating channels offline.
    Offline, this year the Little Yellow Elephant will focus more on channel construction such as distributors, convenience stores, and fresh supermarkets.
    Online, they are quickly accumulating users through content marketing, live broadcasting, and self-broadcasting.

    Wang Yi, the founder of Little Yellow Elephant, said that Little Yellow Elephant believes that the food for children in the future must be both delicious and healthy.
    For the current Chinese families, it is no longer a problem to eat enough food.
    It is a challenge to eat enough nutrition.
    It is the brand mission of Little Yellow Elephant to shape the next generation of Chinese with healthy food.

    Regarding the financing of the Little Yellow Elephant, Liu Yuan, managing director of Zhen Fund, said: "Children's food is a fast-growing industry, especially high-end consumers have long been looking forward to food that is more suitable for Chinese children.
    The founders have been more than a dozen in the past.
    In the years of experience, I have successfully managed different types of businesses such as factories, supply chains, and brand agencies.
    The first product I sold was amazing, and it was better than the existing cereals on the market.
    The third point that we particularly fancy is The leadership vision of the team.
    We are firmly optimistic about the next generation in China and strive to serve the growth of the next generation.
    In the future, Chinese children will not only lead the Olympics, Go, and programming skills on the international stage, but will also strengthen their bodies step by step.
    Get up.
    Our next generation will also have the opportunity to have their own "dream team".

    Reference source: [1] China Statistical Yearbook, 2020, National Bureau of Statistics [2] It is estimated that from 2019 to 2023, the children's snack market is expected to grow steadily at a compound annual growth rate of 10% to 15%, May 2020 On the 17th, the Beijing News [3] The Chinese Nutrition Society issued the "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese School-age Children (2016)", January 11, 2017, the Chinese Nutrition Society

    Source: FBIF Food and Beverage Innovation

    Note: All pictures in the article are reprinted on the Internet, and infringement will be deleted!

    Note: All pictures in the article are reprinted on the Internet, and infringement will be deleted!

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