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    China National Petroleum Sales Branch held a corporate open day and the release conference of the documentary film "Big Country Manner"

    • Last Update: 2021-06-29
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    Green development benefits Minsheng Station C

    Green Development Benefits Minsheng Station C Position Green Development Benefits Minsheng Station C Position

    A new chapter in a beautiful China with great power

    A new chapter of a beautiful Chinese composing a new chapter of a beautiful Chinese composing a new chapter of a beautiful Chinese composing

      "Clean and clean towns and villages, filled with these happy smiling faces.
    Green and low-carbon natural gas passes through the desert, crosses the Yellow River, and crosses the Yangtze River, providing a steady stream of cleanliness to the ancient towns, pristine villages, and noisy cities.
    Energy, weaving a green picture of magnificent mountains and rivers

    " The six-episode documentary "Great Power" was released, which became the most eye-catching link of the natural gas sales branch station of China's oil companies on the Open Day, and the eye-catching green interpretation of struggle The history of natural gas development, telling the guests participating in the event in detail the positive contributions that natural gas has made in helping ecological and environmental protection construction, promoting local economic development, and benefiting the people


      From June 17th to 25th, the PetroChina Open Day natural gas sales branch station has the theme of "oil workers' heart to the party", with red + green intertwined as the main color, sings that Chinese oil and gas people listen to the party and express their gratitude to the party.
    Follow the main theme of the party and show the positive contributions made by China's oil and gas business in boosting the construction of a beautiful China and improving people's lives and well-being

    The event will take place in seven sub-venues in Daicun, Shandong, Jiexiu, Shanxi, Chaozhou, Guangdong, Linxia, ​​Gansu, Kunshan, Jiangsu, Beitun, Xinjiang, and Yan'an, Shaanxi.
    It will adopt online and offline, multi-point linkage, simultaneous live broadcast, etc.
    , focusing on natural gas as a clean energy source.
    In terms of green development, energy transformation, rural revitalization, poverty alleviation and other aspects, it will display the natural gas sales branch as a central enterprise that serves the people's livelihood and protects the supply and escorts the green mountains


      In recent years, China National Petroleum and Natural Gas Sales Branch has always practiced the corporate purpose of "dedicating energy and creating harmony" and the development philosophy of "adhering to low-carbon energy, achieving high-quality development, and building a beautiful ecology", and resolutely implemented the CPC Central Committee’s proposal on accelerating natural gas production.
    The overall deployment of the supply-storage-sales system construction, multi-party resource mobilization, optimization of production organization, strengthening of customer services, more stable domestic and foreign resource portfolios, and further enhancement of market security capabilities

    Over the past 10 years, the natural gas sales branch has supplied nearly 1.
    4 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, and the service area covers 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government) and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
    It has provided nearly 2500 domestic wholesale contract users with clean energy from around the world, satisfying support 17 This economic and social development industry has benefited hundreds of millions of people.
    Its annual gas supply continues to account for about 65% of the country's total consumption.
    It is the largest natural gas sales company in China


      In the heating season last winter and this spring, faced with multiple challenges such as extreme low temperature and cold wave weather and domestic economic recovery driving the rapid growth of natural gas demand, the natural gas sales branch, as the main force of winter supply, resolutely implements the "five guarantees" requirements and earnestly undertakes The political and social responsibilities to ensure supply, strengthen overall coordination, optimize organizational operations, and strive to raise resources of 98 billion cubic meters, maintain the daily natural gas supply at 373 million cubic meters for 35 consecutive days, and do everything possible to protect the warm lives of millions of households

      Behind the warmth is the loyalty of CNPC people to the party and the people, the responsibility of not forgetting the original aspiration and keeping in mind the mission, and the belief in hard work and pursuit of excellence
    Therefore, China’s oil and gas business has never been absent in every major national strategic decision such as “winning the battle to defend the blue sky,” “One Belt, One Road,” and “village revitalization”; In the homes of users in the district, sweating red tooling is indispensable; in the decisive battle against poverty, the natural gas sales branch has gone all out, carrying out 33 poverty alleviation projects in total, and invested poverty alleviation funds and materials worth a total of about 19.
    79 million yuan.
    , The total amount of consumption poverty alleviation is about 2.
    66 million yuan


      Happiness is the result of struggle, and the struggling footsteps of the natural gas sales branch will never stop
    In the process of building a beautiful China and improving the quality of life of the people, the natural gas sales branch insists on taking innovation as the guidance, weaving a safety net with advanced technology, and continuously making new breakthroughs in many areas such as urban gas pipeline network safety prevention and control and emergency technology; continuous expansion Service model, continuous improvement of service quality with differentiated and customized services; continuous development of talent team building to serve a large number of users with more professional technical skills; in-depth exchanges and cooperation, adhere to complementary advantages, mutual benefit sharing, enterprise-local integration, and coordinated development, Work together to create a mutually beneficial and win-win industrial ecosystem, to increase the impetus for the growth of customers, and to empower the people's happiness


      The energy industry in the world today is facing all-round profound changes.
    Standing at the new starting point of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral", the natural gas sales branch seizes new opportunities for green development, advances the deployment of new energy businesses, and actively builds green development New advantages, integrated into the tide of green and low-carbon transformation and development, and contribute to the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient national energy system "natural gas solutions


      Focusing on celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, this event grandly launched the "Pursuing the Red Footprints" Party History Illustrated Book, drawing wisdom and strength from the party’s century-old history to inspire the company’s cadres and employees to vigorously promote the spirit of petroleum and the spirit of Daqing.
    Resolutely listen to the party and follow the party, and condense the surging power of "oil workers with the party


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