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    China Plastic Price Index (July 15-21)

    • Last Update: 2021-07-28
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      In this issue (July 15-21), international oil prices fell sharply, among which WTI crude oil futures fell by more than 10%; some production companies temporarily overhauled or reduced production, the supply decreased month-on-month, and there was strong support on the cost side, and domestic plastic futures fluctuated Go higher
    The downstream insisted on just-needed purchases, trading was tepid, merchants had greater resistance to increase, and the spot market rose slightly, which was not as good as futures

    In the off-season, the demand is not good, but the futures are rising

    The electronic disk market of Guangdong Plastics Exchange fluctuated within a narrow range in this issue

    As of the end of the period, the China Plastics Price Index on the Plastics Exchange reported 1428.
    44 points


      The PVC spot market rose in a narrow range and then declined.
    At the beginning of the period, calcium carbide companies in Inner Mongolia were severely curtailed, and futures were strong, and merchants’ quotations were actively increased; the issue of curtailment at the end of the period was alleviated, coupled with downstream conflicts with high-priced sources, and the trading atmosphere was dull.
    The spot market fell slightly

    As of the end of the period, the mainstream self-raising price of type 5 ordinary calcium carbide in the South China and East China markets was 9,200-9,330 yuan (ton price, the same below)

    The operating rate of calcium carbide enterprises has rebounded, but it will take some time for production to recover.
    PVC enterprises still face the dual pressure of shortage of raw materials and high production costs

    At present, Shandong's outsourcing calcium carbide method PVC companies are on the verge of loss.
    If the calcium carbide market continues to rise, the possibility of more production companies reducing production cannot be ruled out

    On the demand side, downstream construction has generally remained stable

    Raw material prices are at historically high levels, and downstream companies are under greater cost pressure.
    Most of them insist on just-needed purchases, and the stocking intention is generally low

    Supply worries have cooled, and the upward drive of PVC has weakened, but the cost support is strong and the inventory is low, and the downward resistance of PVC is also greater.
    It is expected that the market will fluctuate at a high level in the next period


    PVC narrow-width finishing

      PP slightly tidied up.
    The futures market fluctuated and rose
    slightly .
    The ex-factory prices of petrochemical companies were largely stable and small.
    Traders made cautious offers and adjusted
    marginally .
    Downstream factories maintained a cautious purchasing attitude

    As of the end of the period, the mainstream quotation of domestic wire drawing materials was 8420-8700 yuan, down 40 yuan from the previous period

    On the supply side, as North Huajin, Haiguolong Oil & Petrochemical, China Coal Mengda, Inner Mongolia Jiutai, Guangzhou Petrochemical No.
    1 and other installations have been shut down for maintenance, the output of petrochemical enterprises during the maintenance of installations has increased, and new installations will continue to be put into operation in the future.
    The pressure is still there

    Recently, the proportion of PP drawing material scheduling has decreased, and it is currently down to about 28%

    In terms of inventory, the recent slowdown in the removal of mid-upstream inventories has resulted in a slight accumulation of overall inventory

    In terms of demand, plastic woven enterprises have insufficient stocking intentions, and the improvement of orders is not obvious.
    BOPP enterprises have good profits, and enterprises continue to operate at a high level and run smoothly

    The demand performance is acceptable, and it is expected that the PP market outlook will continue to be stable


    PP small finishing

      LLDPE fluctuated within a narrow range.
    LLDPE futures fluctuated higher.
    The ex-factory prices of petrochemical companies were partly up and down.
    Traders offered to follow the market.
    The pace of destocking slowed down.
    The purchase intention of downstream factories was flat, and there was resistance to high-priced sources

    As of the end of the period, the mainstream domestic LLDPE quotations ranged from 8,300 to 8,550 yuan, a slight drop of 25 yuan from the previous period

    On the supply side, recently, Liaotong Chemical, China Coal Mengda Jiutai Energy, Pucheng Clean Energy and other devices have been shut down for maintenance, and the operating rate of domestic PE production companies has declined

    In terms of imports, the profitability of imported high-priced goods is not good.
    Recently, the number of imports to the port is limited, and the destocking of port inventory has slowed down, with little change

    In terms of demand, the operating rate of greenhouse film companies has increased recently, and the demand for packaging film and hollow film companies has performed generally.
    The demand for pipes is off-season, and the order performance is not good.
    It is expected that the market outlook for LLDPE will fluctuate slightly


    LLDPE fluctuates within a narrow range

      (China Plastic Price Index Research Center)

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