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    China Plastics Price Index (December 2-8)

    • Last Update: 2021-12-27
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    In this issue (December 2-8), international crude oil showed a rebound trend at a low level, and WTI regained its position at the $70/barrel mark

    In terms of domestic plastics futures, PVC futures fluctuated lower, driving the center of spot quotations downward; polypropylene (PP) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) futures fluctuated within a narrow range, and spot prices were fine-tuned

    On the macro level, the central bank’s RRR cut will inject liquidity into subsequent economic development and to a certain extent hedge the downward pressure on the economy at the end of the year

    In terms of industry, there are not many inspections and repairs by upstream companies, and the operating rate is steadily rising

    PVC prices fell slightly.
    The futures were weak.
    The industry’s confidence was insufficient and the downstream receiving intentions were not high.
    The spot transactions were flat.
    Merchants were mainly selling at profit.
    The PVC market fell by about 400 yuan (ton price, the same below) in this period

    As of the end of the period, the mainstream self-raising price of type 5 ordinary calcium carbide in the South China and East China markets was 8900-9100 yuan

    PVC prices fell slightly

    PP is weak and narrow-tuned.
    Futures fluctuates at a low level.
    Most of the petrochemical ex-factory prices are stable.
    Some merchants offer a small drop.
    Downstream factories purchase cautiously as needed

    As of the end of the period, the mainstream domestic PP drawing materials quoted at RMB 8070~8370, down 45 RMB from the previous period

    PP is weak and narrow

    LLDPE has stabilized operation.
    Futures have fluctuated.
    Most of the petrochemical ex-factory prices have been stable, some of which have been adjusted up and down

    The adjustment range of merchant offers is not large, and the enthusiasm for downstream inquiries is average .

    LLDPE runs stably

    (China Plastic Price Index Research Center)

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