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    CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber Show: BASF introduces the Ren Chair Concept Wheelchair to give users a more dynamic lifestyle

    • Last Update: 2020-11-15
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    BASF's lightweight and durable materials enable product mobility, increase comfort and extend service life, while creating a stylish look for wheelchairs
    BASF, together with wheelchair manufacturers and industrial design institutes, has created automatic signal functions for the
    concept smartphone application to enhance product safety
    BASF's 2019 International Rubber Exhibition at CHINAPLAS: China Import and Export Trade Fair Pavilion (Guangzhou, China), exhibition Bit 11.2A41, Date: May 21-24

    Guangzhou, China - April 11, 2019 - BASF will present for the first time a prototype of a concept wheelchair, the "Ren Chair" created in cooperation with Wheel-Line Ltd. and REHTO Design. The product was developed by wheelchair users during the design and development phase, and its bold design and use of BASF's high-performance materials meet the needs of wheelchair users for safer and more accessible use.
    this concept wheelchair combines material innovation with an advanced design system available to enable users and caregivers to enjoy more functionality and freedom of use
    . Dong Ok Kum, Chief Executive Officer of Wheel-Line, said: "We note the strong demand in the Chinese market for lightweight, durable and stylish wheelchairs, and BASF offers us the perfect solution to help us achieve our vision of lightweight wheelchairs without sacrificing functionality and design. "
    performance of lightweight plastics
    ChairRen's lightweight materials provide more convenience and comfort for users and caregivers. Lighter wheelchairs mean increased mobility while reducing the risk of injury to caregivers. Dual-density seats made from BASF's Elastoflex
    W elastic foam polyurethane system (PU) provide better comfort thanks to the material's high elasticity and compressibleness. In addition, the artificial leather used in the seat case
    Elastollan thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), which is delicate and easy to clean.
    New Digital Tools and Durable Materials for Safety
    A smartphone app connected to Ren Chair's sensors and connectors detects wheelchair movement and controls the signal lights on the back of the wheelchair, navigating users to barrier-free facilities. The sensors and connectors are made of BASF Ultramid
    Polyamide (PA) and Ultradur
    PBT (Polyphthalate butyl glycol) materials, which are robust and resistant to damage, improving safety in use.
    high-performance material innovations provide Ren Chair with outstanding mechanical properties including high strength, wear resistance and chemical resistance. For example, seat backrests made of Elastollan
    thermoplastic polyurethane wire provide high strength and durability for long-term use for increased comfort and required body support.
    multifunction materials provide design freedom for complex geometry
    because BASF materials allow molding or 3D printing into complex shapes, material innovation also makes design more free. In addition, high-performance materials such as TPU, E-TPU, PU and engineering plastics are easier to process than conventional materials, making them more stylish designs with coloring and decoration without compromising their performance. For example, Elastoflex W has good fluidity and can therefore be designed to be any complex geometry.
    wheels and caster shells for wheelchairs were developed using Ultrasim, BASF's proprietary
    tool. The tool accurately calculates the anthogeneous heterogeneous behavior of material solutions to optimize production and minimize development costs.
    , CEO of REHTO Design, said: "BASF's material solutions, as well as its technology and simulation technology, enable Ren Chair's design and functionality. The flexibility of state-of-the-art materials opens up room for innovation in the development and design of Ren Chair. Tony Jones, Asia Pacific Industrial Business Director,
    BASF's Characteristic Materials Division, said: "Ren Chair's design was driven by the Creative Center
    Innovation Center, a connected platform for BASF to build a team of designers and inspire and inspire them to use BASF material innovation to bring ideas to life. Together with our partners, we have designed a prototype concept wheelchair that has a new look and feel that meets the user's needs for an independent, barrier-free daily life.
    ren Chair's other conceptual material solutions will also be on display at CHINAPLAS 2019, including:
    Due to its enhanced optics, the unique taillight design on the back of the Ren Chair features BASF's Ultramid Vision Polyamide (PA) material.
    wheelchair spokes use BASF's Ultramid Structure LFX for high stiffness and strength, as well as higher fatigue resistance.
    body frame uses BASF's Ultramid SI surface polyamide material to provide a high-quality look and feel while creating high strength, rigidity and impact resistance.
    handrail lamps feature BASF's Elastollan for excellent wear resistance and transparency.
    cast polyurethane with BASF's Elasturan
    , and the caster housing uses Ultramid polyamide to enhance dynamic resistance and mechanical loads.
    foaming thermoplastic polyurethane particle material used in these tires provides excellent cushioning for overall rides.
    the release shafts use Ultraform® polyformaldehyde for high bending fatigue strength and good sliding friction.
    to learn more about BASF at the CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber Show, please
    click here
    or follow BASF's official microsal signal "BASF on time".
    about BASF's Greater China
    BASF's ties to the Greater China market date back to 1885, and BASF has been a loyal partner in China ever since. As an important foreign-invested enterprise in China's chemical industry, BASF's main production bases are located in Shanghai, Nanjing and Chongqing, while Shanghai Innovation Park is a global and Asia-Pacific research and development hub. In 2018, BASF's sales to customers in Greater China exceeded 7.3 billion euros, with 9,317 employees at the end of the year. For more information, please visit:

    Properties Materials business unit integrates ALL BASF's expertise in innovative custom plastics and is active in the four major areas of transportation, construction, industrial applications and consumer goods worldwide. The business unit has a complete portfolio of products and services, and has an in-depth understanding of application-oriented system solutions. We drive profitable growth and business growth through close cooperation with our customers and a focus on solutions. Strong research and development strength for the development of innovative products and applications has laid a solid foundation. In 2018, the Characteristic Materials business unit achieved global sales of EUR 7.65 billion. For more information, please visit

    about BASF
    at BASF, we create a new role in chemistry - the pursuit of a sustainable future. We combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection. WITH approximately 122,000 employees worldwide, BASF contributes to the success of customers in almost all countries and industries. Our products are divided into six business areas: chemicals, materials, industrial solutions, surface treatment technology, nutrition and care, agricultural solutions. BASF's global sales in 2018 will be approximately EUR 63 billion. BASF's shares are listed on the Frankfurt (BAS) Stock Exchange and traded on the U.S. stock market in the form of American Deposit receipts (BASFY). For more information, please visit:

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