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    China's animal husbandry and fishery will maintain a stable development trend

    • Last Update: 2001-08-01
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    Introduction: according to the information from the Ministry of agriculture, at present, China's agriculture and rural economy are running smoothly This year's output of summer grain and early rice will be reduced The total output of autumn grain will not be lower than that of last year Animal husbandry and fishery will maintain a stable development trend The economic benefits of township enterprises will continue to improve The strategic adjustment of agricultural structure will take a new step, and the income of farmers is expected to show a restorative growth According to the information provided by the Ministry of agriculture, it is estimated that the total output of summer grain this year will be 101.9 billion kg, 4.9 billion kg less than that of the previous year, 4.6% less than that of the previous year; the animal husbandry and fishery will maintain a stable development trend throughout the year, the output of meat and aquatic products in the first half of the year will be 30.8 million tons and 17.02 million tons respectively, 3% higher than that of the previous year, and the production of eggs and milk will also develop rapidly; in the first half of the year, the production of poultry and milk will The added value of township enterprises can reach 1.4 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.2% over the same period last year, and the growth rate of profits, taxes paid in and export delivery value is also above 10% According to the survey of the National Bureau of statistics, the per capita cash income of rural residents in the first half of this year was 1063 yuan, an increase of 50 yuan over the same period of last year After deducting the price factor, the actual increase was 4.2%, and the increase rate was 2.4 percentage points higher than the same period of last year It is worth noting that new steps have been taken in the adjustment of agricultural structure this year The main performance is: first, the development of high-quality and special agricultural products is relatively fast This summer, the area of high-quality special wheat increased by 20 million mu over the previous year, accounting for more than 20% of the total area of wheat; the area of high-quality rape increased by more than 5 million mu, accounting for 57% of the total area of rape; the area of high-quality early rice accounted for about half of the total area of early rice Second, the main crops continue to be concentrated in the dominant production areas, the main wheat production areas are concentrated in the north, especially in the Yellow River Basin, and the main rapeseed production areas are gradually concentrated in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River; a number of characteristic counties (townships and villages) with regional layout and specialized production are developing rapidly, and each characteristic economic zone and industrial belt are gradually forming Third, the role of market mechanism in guiding the adjustment of agricultural structure has been further enhanced Agricultural industrialization has played an increasingly important role in promoting the adjustment of agricultural structure A large number of leading enterprises have become the new force driving the adjustment of farmers' structure, and "order agriculture" has developed rapidly According to incomplete statistics, this year's summer crop "order" area has reached more than 53 million mu, an increase of 55% over the previous year In this year's agricultural and rural work, the quality and safety management of agricultural products, which is widely concerned by urban and rural residents, has been strengthened, and important progress has been made in cracking down on fake agricultural materials In accordance with the spirit of the National Conference on rectifying and standardizing the market economic order and the requirements of the leadership of the State Council, the Ministry of agriculture formulated and launched the action plan for pollution-free food, taking the lead in pilot projects in four cities, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and selected and built six agricultural standardization comprehensive demonstration areas and 100 pollution-free vegetable, fruit and tea production base counties in different regions of the country to ensure The pilot cities and the whole country work to promote each other and achieve the set goals According to the requirements and unified deployment of the central government, the Ministry of agriculture has also strengthened the inspection and testing of agricultural products, tightened the management of market access for agricultural products, jointly established the inter ministerial coordination group for the special struggle of "cracking down on fake" agricultural materials with relevant departments, released 10 telephone numbers for reporting to the public, investigated and punished a batch of fake and shoddy agricultural production materials, dealt with a batch of illegal criminals, and terminated them A number of production and sales centers of fake and inferior agricultural materials have been renovated It is understood that there are still many problems in the current operation of agriculture and rural economy in China The most prominent one is that natural disasters pose a great threat to agricultural production, the task of increasing farmers' income is arduous, and farmers' burden and rural debt are still heavy Since the beginning of spring this year, many areas in China have suffered the most serious drought in spring and summer since the 1990s As of June 30, 188 million mu of crops have suffered drought in China, including 100 million mu of disaster area and more than 10 million mu of crop yield Although the growth rate of per capita cash income of farmers picked up in the first half of this year and is expected to increase throughout the year, it cannot be too optimistic at present In recent years, due to the widening income gap of farmers, the burden of low-income farmers, farmers mainly engaged in agriculture and farmers in the central and western regions is heavy Some places fail to keep up with the daily work of supervision and management of farmers' burden, and the burden of farmers shows signs of "rebound" The Ministry of agriculture requests the administrative departments of agriculture at all levels to earnestly study and implement the spirit of Comrade Jiang Zemin's "July 1" speech, take practical measures to solve the outstanding problems in the current work, and strive to create a new situation of agriculture and rural work at the beginning of the new century (author:) share to feed Weibo share to:
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