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    China's annual output value of chemical building materials has reached hundreds of billions of accelerated integration of green buildings

    • Last Update: 2021-02-26
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    : Chemical building materials refers to the synthesis of polymer materials as the main component, equipped with a variety of modified ingredients, processed into suitable for construction projects using various types of materials. Chemical building materials is an environmental protection and energy-saving building materials, can replace wood, clay and other valuable natural resources; The production energy consumption of its products is also far lower than that of traditional building materials.
    chemical building materials mainly include plastic pipes, plastic doors and windows, building waterproof materials,
    building coatings
    , building wallpapers, plastic flooring, plastic decorative boards, foam insulation materials, building adhesives and other products. At present, China's chemical building materials products annual output value has reached 100 billion yuan.
    by 2020, China's green buildings accounted for more than 30% of new construction. The national push for green buildings will promote the transformation and upgrading of the chemical building materials industry. Chemical building materials in the technical and policy support will make a breakthrough. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the development of the chemical building materials market will present the following characteristics.
    is the rapid growth of production capacity and output. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the construction market will show an upward trend, and the task of construction will be transformed to meet people's demand for building quality improvement and function enhancement. Compared with traditional building materials, the use of chemical building materials is easier to achieve the goal of building energy conservation and environmental protection. The superiority of the material properties of new chemical building materials products has been more reflected in the construction industry, and the technical level of domestic equipment and molds has been further improved.
    is rising consumer demand and accelerating the pace of promotion. With the economic growth, people's demand for high-quality building materials increased; The relevant departments of the state will pay more attention to chemical building materials, construction works on the selection of chemical building materials more common. In line with the national policy of accelerating the development of small towns, the space for the development of chemical building materials will be further expanded.
    is the chemical building materials to low-cost, high value-added, green environmental protection direction. A variety of new green chemical building materials have emerged. The development of chemical building materials and national economic and social development more adapted, product varieties more complete, quality, grade and supporting level significantly improved, the overall level of products have been greatly improved.
    fourth is to establish a sound industry standards, the main position of enterprises to play, chemical building materials application technology research and development system is more perfect.
    is to accelerate integration with the construction industry. Increase product functions, improve product supporting capacity, improve integration with the construction industry.
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