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    China's multi field frontier research performance is active in the three major fields of chemistry and materials science with remarkable achievements

    • Last Update: 2019-11-27
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    Guangming Daily, Beijing, Nov 26 (Reporter Yuan Yufei) on Nov 26, the "2019 research frontier release and seminar" jointly organized by the Academy of science and technology strategic consulting and Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the literature and information center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Kerui Wei'an was held in Beijing, and the "2019 research frontier" report and "2019 research frontier heat index" report were released to the world According to the report, in 2019, at the overall level of the top ten disciplines, the United States was the most active and ranked first in the world China is second, with Britain, Germany and France third, fourth and fifth, respectively The gap between China and the United States is narrowing further "On the whole, China's performance in many fields is outstanding, but the development of the top ten disciplines is still uneven, there are obvious depressions, and there are competitive advantages, pressures and challenges for future development." According to the director of the Institute of strategic information of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the 2019 research frontier and the 2019 research frontier heat index assess the research activity of 100 hot frontier and 37 emerging frontier in 10 fields in major countries in the world From the perspective of the number of frontiers ranking the first in 2019, the United States ranks 80, accounting for 58.39% of all 137 frontiers, while China ranks 33, accounting for 24.09% Britain has seven leading positions, Germany and France have one From the perspective of the ten major fields, in addition to the fields of chemistry and materials science, mathematics, computer science and engineering, and ecological and environmental science, the United States ranks first in the scores of research frontier heat index in the other seven fields, with obvious leading advantages China ranks first in the fields of chemistry and materials science, mathematics, computer science and engineering, and ecology and environmental science It ranks second in the fields of agriculture, botany and zoology, geoscience, bioscience, physics and economics, psychology and other social sciences, with outstanding overall performance, but in the clinical field Medicine, astronomy and astrophysics are only ranked 9th and 11th respectively They are quite different from the United States, and the short board is still obvious In his speech, the president and Secretary of the Party group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed out that in order to achieve the goal of significantly improving the overall level of basic scientific research and international influence, China should achieve a number of major original scientific achievements in the important direction of science frontier, solve a number of forward-looking major scientific problems facing the national strategic demand, and improve the source supply capacity leading the innovation driven development We must accurately grasp the direction and key points of future science and technology To this end, CAS has launched a series of major research projects of science and technology think tanks, such as "research and judgment of China's major scientific and technological breakthroughs that may affect the future pattern of the world" Relying on the advantages of CAS Strategic Advisory Institute, which is the first important carrier and comprehensive integration platform for CAS to build a national high-level science and technology think tank, CAS has organized research forces inside and outside CAS, from the forefront of world science and technology Starting from the major needs of the country, this paper makes a forward-looking analysis of China's major cutting-edge scientific and technological breakthroughs that may affect the world's development pattern in the future, and serves the strategic layout of national scientific and technological innovation According to the introduction, since 2014, the strategic information research team of Chinese Academy of Sciences has cooperated with corewellian, through big data and bibliometric analysis methods, clustering revealed the annual hot and emerging frontier in the field of basic science, and released the annual research report of research frontier Guangming Daily (November 27, 2019, version 10)
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