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    China's Top 10 Wine List "Taste, Characteristics"

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Span style "color: #000000;""sequence: wine is a thousand glasses of confidante, people walk in rivers and lakes, which can not drinkWine, is a good thing, happy to drink two mouthfuls, sad two mouthfulsFamily has happy things, friends and family gathered, every New Year's Day, wine is always indispensableAlcohol is no more than smoking, with the improvement of the concept of health of ordinary people, most people do not smoke, of course, there are many people do not drinkIn this regard, we need to praise a new generation of young people in China, according to the small editor familiar with relatives and friends, 90 after the young people basically do not smoke, but a lot of good winespan style "color: #000000;" for those who love to drink, love is to push the cup for a change of lamp, you come to me to an atmosphere, do not care about the good or bad of wine, I believe that for alcoholic-level people, the two pots are probably the best wineEvery meal to come two or two uncle level, Maotai five grain liquid old drink seems not to be able to drink itspan style":"color: #003399;""""style style""color:#000000;" it looks like the sequence is a bit long, it may be that the little editor has just drunk two drinksWell, next, the small editor will introduce you to thespan style"color: #000000;span style"color: #000000; All right, it's a long way off..Another sentence: the following China's top ten famous wine, small compilation of the characteristics of each wine and taste, hope to the vast number of wine friends useful, like what taste of wine, can be right into the wrong numberfirst place: Maotai wineMaotai wine is known as the national wine, the national wine MaotaiMaotai wine is the ancestor of China's big sauce-scented wine, is respected as the "national wine." It has clear color transparent, sauce protruding, mellow, elegant and delicate, the entrance soft, refreshing and sweet, the wine body mellow and plump, long aftertaste, empty cup long-lasting characteristics, people refer to the unique flavor of Maotai wine as "Mao Xiang", is a typical Chinese sauce style stylethe style quality of Guizhou Maotai wine is characterized by "sauce scent outstanding, elegant and delicate, mellow, long aftertaste, empty cup long", its special style comes from the accumulation of years and the formation of a unique traditional brewing skills, brewing methods and its red water river basin agricultural production combined with the impact of the environment, seasonal production, dragon boat, heavy yang cast, retain some of the original traces of lifeHowever, small editor I have not drunk, expensive ah, a bottle of two thousand pieces second place: Wugrain liquid Wugrain liquid is one of China's most famous liquor, is a well-known trademark in China The hometown of Wuliang liquor is Yibin City, Sichuan Province, which enjoys the name of "the land of famous wine" The predecessor of the five grain liquor is "lychee green", the royal use of "hybrid wine", it is named by the late Qing people Yang Huiquan five grain liquid using more than 600 years of ancient techniques, set sorghum, rice, rice, wheat and corn and other essence, brewed in a unique natural environment five grain liquid to sorghum, rice, rice, wheat and corn five kinds of grain as raw materials, to "pack" as the driving force, by the aging cellar fermentation, aging, carefully picked up, and with a "long aroma, high flavor, high taste, inlet mandum, into the throat clean, all taste harmonic, just right, wine taste comprehensive" unique style is well-known , like Maotai wine, the characteristics of the five grain liquid is also: expensive third place: Zhangzhou Old Cellar (National Cellar 1573) one of China's oldest four famous wines, "strong fragrance of the ancestors, wine in Taidou", its 1573 National Treasure Cellar Pool Group in 1996 became the industry's first national key cultural relics protection units Luzhou old cellar wine is a mud cellar as a fermentation container, medium and high temperature music for wine production, scent, sorghum and other grain and grain raw materials, open operation production, multi-bacterial closed co-enzyme, continued waste ingredients cycle, often pressure solid-state barrel distillation, carefully aged and other processes brewed liquor, to hisicacid acetylene as the main flavor of the material "The traditional brewing techniques of Luzhou old cellar wine" by daquer, original wine brewing, original wine aging, check taste evaluation and other aspects of the skills fourth place: Yanghe Daqu According to the study of Yanghe wine production began in the two Han Dynasty and flourished in the Tang and Song Dynasty Yanghe Town in Fuyang County, Jiangsu Province, was a famous place for winemaking in the Han Dynasty Yanghe Daqu to high-quality sticky sorghum as raw materials, and then with wheat, barley, pea culture of the high temperature of the big song for the glycation of fermentation agent, to the famous beauty spring water brewed Yanghe Big Qu is a strong flavor of large-scented liquor, the wine is clear and transparent, the wine is rich and elegant, the entrance is fresh and sweet, the taste is delicate and long Yanghe Daqu is recognized by China and Japan as the Oriental wine, has won the "international wine" and was selected in China's eight famous wine ranks fifth place: Lang wine Lang wine characteristics are "sauce prominent, mellow and clean, elegant and delicate, long aftertaste, empty cup long." It is in the brewing process, although according to the process of Maotai wine, but its taste is different from the sauce of Maotai wine, the aroma is more lush, more intense, there is a "thick sauce" taste therefore someone has been praised: "The best wine, more lang wine aftertaste long." sixth place: JianNanchun JianNanchun is a traditional Chinese wine, produced in Mianzhu City, Sichuan Province, because Mianzhu in the Tang Dynasty belongs to Jiannan road, so called "Jian Nanchun." Jiannan Chun wine's predecessor Jiannan burning spring, is the historical record of the Great Tang Imperial wine "The History of the Tang Dynasty" Jian Nanchun is loaded with the "Great Tang Guo Wine" and entered in the "Tang Guo Make-Up History" and "Dezong Ben Ji", becoming the only contemporary Chinese wine that is loaded into the positive history Jiannanchun brewing, is strictly adopted traditional technology, in the millennium cellar microbial solid fermentation, cellar fragrance rich, natural, not false to dozens of hundreds of years, can not reach this state the seventh place: liquor liquor, the traditional Chinese wine, belongs to the typical representative of the fragrance type of liquor Because of the production in Fuyang City, Shanxi Province, apricot flower village, also known as "apricot flower village wine." wine to exquisite workmanship, long-standing, known for the entrance, sweet mouth, after drinking the fragrance, after the long aftertaste of the long characteristics, at home and abroad consumers enjoy a higher visibility, reputation and loyalty eighth place: Gujing Gong wine Gujing Gong wine is a traditional wine in Luzhou Produced in Luzhou City, Anhui Province, belongs to the Ganzhou region's specialty of large-curved strong-scented liquor, has "peony in wine" said, known as one of China's eight famous wine Gujing Gong wine, belongs to the rich-scented type of liquor, with "color clear as crystal, aroma as clear as orchids, the entrance mlycol and, back to the long-lasting" characteristics the ninth place: Xifeng wine Xifeng wine ancient lying Qin wine, Liulin wine, is produced in the hometown of Fengji City, Shaanxi Province, Fengxiang County Liulin Town, one of China's four famous wine West Feng wine has a "phoenix-type" wine's unique style, clear but not light, thick and not bright, to "mellow elegant, sweet and cool, you coordinate, tail clean long" and "not head, do not dry throat, happy aftertaste" unique style was praised by the world It combines the advantages of fragrance and aroma type, which is consistent with taste, head and tail and tune, and belongs to the compound flavor type of large-curved liquor West Feng wine is characterized by: wine colorless, clear and transparent, fragrant and sweet, delicate, sweet, mellow, plump, fruity, tail long, for the drinkers love 10th place: Dong Liquor Dong Liquor, named after the site located in Donggong Temple in the northern suburbs Dong Liquor Company's main products are alcohol 28 to 68 degrees Dong wine Dong wine style unique, early by the connoisseurs summed up as "clear and transparent wine, elegant and comfortable aroma, inlet alcohol and rich, after drinking a long taste." "Specifically, Dong wine has the rich aroma of the big quder wine, sweet and refreshing, and small qualms soft alcohol and back ganache, and slightly with people have a sense of comfort of the herb and refreshing sour taste, drink ingenuity, not dry, not dry, not burning heart, not head, after taste Fine tasting Dong wine style unique, more people can let people drink Dong wine is a noble enjoyment well, the above is the small finishing of the China's top ten wine list , small editor I like the strong-scented type of white wine, the entrance is not strong What do you think of wine? What kind of wine do you like to drink? Message communication may be provided original, reproduced please indicate the source
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