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    Chinese and American medical experts have joined hands to make new advances in 3D bioprinting

    • Last Update: 2021-02-12
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    Is it a scientific idea or a reality to inject a variety of functional cells into the printer to accurately construct complex cavity tissue? Dr. Pi Qingmai's research in plastic surgery at Shanghai Jiaosha University School of Medicine revealed on the 15th that 3D bioprinting has achieved cavity tissue printing, and that cells can survive for a long time after printing.
    the study is expected to be used to achieve the precise construction of complex cavity tissues or organs, especially for patients who need cavity organ or tissue transplantation, a new form of acquired donor. The research results are also expected to be used in the field of in vitro blood vessels, intestines, urinary system and other cavity disease model simulation, drug screening, tissue transplant replacement and many other fields.
    advanced Materials, an internationally renowned journal of biological materials, published a research paper online entitled "Digitally adjustable fine-flow-controlled bioprinting of multi-layered ring tissues". Professor Yu Shrike Zhang of Harvard Medical School and Professor Ali Khademhoseini of the University of California, Los Angeles, are understood to be co-authors. The study means that China's 3D bioprinting technology is gradually connecting with the world.
    is it difficult to print 3D bioprints? According to Pi Qing mammoth, biological printing needs to consider a lot of factors, such as: the cell compatible of printing materials, mechanical strength and so on. Compared with the general solid tissue, cavity tissue construction is more complex, not only requires multicellular components, but also involves different sub-layer cell types and functions. The study confirms that 3D bioprinting can quickly, accurately and personalizedly construct complex cavity tissues such as blood vessels and urethra containing different functional cells with clear tissue structure through a new design system.
    Dr. Pi Qing mammoth analogy, the printed solid tissue is equivalent to baking a solid bread, printing a layer of cavity tissue, the equivalent of baking a hollow bread, this hollow also divided into different mezzanine, layer and layer tightly fit and separate from each other. Compared with the general 3D printing, bioprinting requires the whole process to control cell vitality and protect cells from harm, and secondly, the different functional cells in the cavity can be evenly distributed at all levels, more in line with the normal structure of the human body.
    also confirmed that the idea of single-layer structure and double-layer structure switching repeatedly in the same tube cavity structure can be realized through the control system. After mixing vascular cells and urethra cells with composite hydrogels respectively, the in vitro culture using MCCES printed complex tube cavity tissue found that the cell vitality was more than 80%, and the cells could be fully spread and grow on the hydrogel stent material and express specific markers. (China News Network)
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