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    Chinese Express and Dow's joint mass production car will * use innovative materials

    • Last Update: 2021-07-03
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    Global Coatings Network News:

    On January 11, Jim Fitterling, the global CEO of Dow Chemical, a Fortune 500 company, visited the Shanghai Operations Center of Chinese Express.
    Fetrin is also very interested in the three wisdom strategies of smart cars, smart transportation, and smart cities.
    He said that the Chinese market is Dow's future strategic focus.
    In the future, Dow will further expand its R&D investment in China and increase investment in the automotive sector.
    The new high-strength, lightweight and
    environmentally friendly materials will be used for the first time in the mass-produced vehicles of Chinese Express to be launched at the end of 2020.

    Environmental protection

    Ding Lei accompanied Feitlin to visit the design center of Chinese Express, watched the demonstration of the in-wheel motor engineering vehicle RE05, and invited Feitlin to visit the world's first road-to-vehicle collaboration "Wisdom Road" at an appropriate time.

    As early as more than a year ago, Chinese Express established an innovative cooperation mechanism with Dow Chemical.
    The two parties jointly research and develop in the three major directions of safety structure, environmentally friendly interiors, and lightweight.
    In order to create future-oriented travel products, the two parties boldly tried to break the tradition between OEMs, component suppliers and raw material companies, starting from the innovation of the underlying materials, forming a breakthrough and exemplary cross-border innovation paradigm in the industry.

    CTO Mark Stanton believes that China is the world's most important market and the birthplace of technological innovation.
    He briefed Fettering on the three wisdom strategies, business planning, technology research and development and engineering development of Chinese Express.
    Under multiple safety
    standards such as C-NCAP and E-NCAP , how to use a new generation of structural foam for mass-produced vehicles to improve the strength of the body and the safety of the entire vehicle.


    Feitlin deeply feels the huge market potential and strong innovation capabilities contained in China, and agrees with Ding Lei's strategic layout for future transportation, as well as analysis and judgment on market and technological development.
    Feitlin said that Dow has built more than 20 new laboratories in Shanghai, and Dow will further increase its R&D investment in China in the future.
    I hope to grasp the most cutting-edge innovation trends together and apply more innovative and environmentally friendly materials to the most reliable products.

    Innovation is the core driving force of enterprise development.
    Chinese Express uses scientific achievements and forward-looking technologies to change the future of human travel.
    As a diversified technology company, Dow has developed in-depth cooperation with Chinese Express.
    In the future, the "Three Wisdom" strategic goals of Chinese Express for smart cars, smart transportation, and smart cities will be realized at an accelerated pace.

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