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    Chinese Herbal Pieces lack of national standards and cause confusion

    • Last Update: 2013-11-09
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    At present, it is not uncommon for Chinese herbal medicine market to see such chaotic phenomena as weight gain by pouring cement, serious dyeing and adulteration, and shoddy quality Recently, in Guangzhou Xiangxue Pharmaceutical (300147, Gu BA) in the exclusive "authentic Chinese medicine, processing specifications, brand creation forum of Chinese herbal pieces and the third general meeting of professional committee of Chinese herbal pieces of association of traditional Chinese medicine", the reporter learned that many pharmaceutical enterprises from all over the country showed the research results of Chinese herbal pieces, while Xiangxue pharmaceutical proposed to build a quality control system of Chinese herbal pieces and Chinese patent medicine, taking the lead of Chinese medicine The road of modernization Due to the lack of national standards for a long time, as one of the pillars of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal pieces, dyeing, counterfeiting and other problems occur frequently Recently, the State Food and drug administration revealed that some batches of traditional Chinese medicine drinks produced, operated or used by relevant units in Anhui, Gansu, Guangdong and Sichuan were found to have dyeing problems Wang Yonghui, President of Xiangxue pharmaceutical, said that the government's exposure is not a bad thing, which means that the competent departments should strengthen management Through investigation and treatment, the level of decoction pieces can be greatly improved, and the measures will be put in place step by step Fang Shuting, President of China Association of traditional Chinese medicine, believes that the root cause of the frequent quality problems of traditional Chinese medicine is that there is no unified standard of traditional Chinese medicine in China, and the direct cause is the hardware problems of enterprises themselves and the self-discipline problems of enterprises Wang Yonghui agreed that the quality problems of Chinese herbal pieces are indeed common On the one hand, it is mainly due to the lax management of enterprises, on the other hand, the industry standard is too rough It is understood that due to the double failure of enterprise management and industry standards, the safety crisis of medicinal materials is intensified In the herbal medicine market, it is an indisputable fact that many people who process Pieces lack qualification Due to the lack of experience, some pieces of processing workers, on the one hand, dilute or even extract the effective ingredients; on the other hand, some pieces of excessive circulation after moldy, can also be re entered the market through reprocessing How to "save" Chinese herbal pieces has become an urgent matter Wu Jun, deputy general manager of Xiangxue pharmaceutical, said that there are many challenges in the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry, including challenges in the cultural inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine, challenges in the urgent need to improve the technical ability of the industry, challenges in the continuous change of industrial management laws and regulations, and market risks in the process of industrial upgrading and transformation.
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