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    Chinese medicine AI research and development demonstration base project launched to solve the "trustable" problem of Chinese medicine

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network Pharmaceutical Engineering" it is learned that the cooperation between Medical Kuyun and Jiangxi Province, Lujiang New Area, The Chinese medicine AI research and development demonstration base project is currently officially launched in the Chinese medicine science and technology city, and released the Chinese medicine AI blockchain management systemThe whole intelligent analysis process of the system is used to record the untamperable distributed ledger of blockchain, and through the blockchain to build a completeChinese medicinefull-cycle trace cloud platform, to solve the enterprise in the process of cultivation and breeding, harvesting, initial processing, warehousing, transportation, concocting processing, clinical selection and use of information traceability, to solve the "trustable" problem of Chinese medicinethis year, Chinese medicine has attracted the attention of the industry, related favorable policies continue to be introduced, set off the climax of the development of the Chinese medicine industryData show that in 2019 China's traditional Chinese medicine and tablet market size of about 270 billion yuan, the next five years will reach 2 trillion yuanAt present, there are more than 1500 Chinese medicine enterprises in China, but there is a low concentration of the industry, small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for 90%, the quality of each medicine is also unevenAccording to the State Drug Administration and the provincial and municipal Drug Administration unqualified pharmaceutical materialannouncement, in 2019 the State Drug Administration detected a total of 189 batches of Chinese medicine unqualified, accounting for 8.09 percent of the non-conformity rate, compared to the 2018 General Administration sampling 126 batches of non-conformity (5.27%), although a decline of nearly 30%, but Chinese herbal medicine is still a prominent problem in the drug market non-conforming drugsThe rest of the non-conforming batch of Chinese herbal medicine slots are from the provinces and cities of the local drug regulatory bureau sampling, of which in the distribution of provinces and cities, Jiangxi Province announced that the non-conforming herbs accounted for 11.64 percentsaying, "The medicine is good, the medicine is good." How to promote the development of Chinese medicine industry towards high-quality, to solve the "trustability" of Chinese medicine is a problem that the industry needs to think aboutSome experts believe that the new infrastructure is the promoter of the integration of the development of the national science and technology industry, and in the construction of new infrastructure, AI is productivity, blockchain is the production relationship, the quality of traditional Chinese medicine will play a "quality and efficiency" role, the integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain is the technical support platform for The IAI identification APP of Chinese herbal medicines, the future medical library cloud will be based on the sharing of the data of the innovative city's authentic medicinal materials, the accumulation of more than 600 kinds of accurate identification of medicinal herbs, by May 2021 to achieve PV1 million plus"The analytical accuracy of The AI of Chinese herbal medicine sision reaches more than 90%, which can break the bottleneck of the authenticity of the raw materials of Chinese medicine, purify the chinese herbal medicine market, and ensure the safety of the general drug." "The industry says sowith the launch of the project, it means that China's Chinese medicine industry in the field of AI-blockchain joint beneficial attempts and innovation, while promoting the construction of Jiangxi Province, the construction of a strong province of Chinese medicine to take a solid step it is understood that Jiangxi Province has a deep heritage of Chinese medicine, with good resource conditions, cultural accumulation and industrial base, the development prospects are very broad In history, Jiangxi Jianchang Drug Gang is a major drug gang in southern China, and has been known as the "Jiangxi Pharmacy Gang" with Changshu Pharmaceutical Gang, one of the 13 major drug gangs in the country In 2019, the province's pharmaceutical industry achieved revenue of 126.7 billion yuan, up 9.6% YoY, and achieved a profit of 12.5 billion yuan, up 8.83% YoY project launch meeting mentioned that Jiangxi Province strive to achieve the total production chain of Chinese medicine market revenue of 100 billion yuan by 2023, so that the Chinese medicine electronic shopping mall to become a new online economic platform At the same time will strongly support the cooperation with the medical library cloud, to support the development of China (Nanchang) Chinese medicine science and technology city.
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