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    Chinese medicine is facing great demands and development opportunities

    • Last Update: 2013-11-04
    • Source: Internet
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    2013-11-04 source: Science and technology daily World Health Organization report "meet the challenges of the 21st century" pointed out: "in the 21st century, medicine should not continue to focus on diseases, but on human health as the main research direction of medicine", health is the basic right of human beings

    According to the statistics and analysis of the health sector in 2011, TCM institutions accounted for 4%, TCM personnel accounted for 6%, and financial allocation of TCM institutions accounted for 6%

    Each prescription of traditional Chinese medicine is 33 yuan cheaper than that of Western medicine

    In the past, after the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine, or directly into powder, it was relatively rough

    After more than ten years, we have implemented the whole process monitoring in major large enterprises and major varieties

    How to make unstable traditional Chinese medicine produce traditional Chinese medicine? This process has been implemented in large enterprises

    At the same time, the parameter optimization of traditional Chinese medicine production process, including key factors such as how to dissect and analyze, process identification, public welfare parameter discrimination, experimental design, etc., has promoted the rapid progress of traditional Chinese medicine

    The modernization of traditional Chinese medicine promotes the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry, which is increasing by 20% every year

    In 2009, the output value of traditional Chinese medicine industry, traditional Chinese medicine agriculture, traditional Chinese medicine commerce, traditional Chinese medicine health products, traditional Chinese medicine food, traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics, traditional Chinese medicine pesticide and veterinary medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine processing equipment totaled 700 billion yuan, with an annual growth of 8%, reaching 1 trillion yuan in 2012

    Traditional Chinese medicine is facing great demand and development opportunities

    The development of modern science and technology and multi-disciplinary integration provide a strong guarantee for the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine

    Our traditional Chinese medicine has its own curative effect, which will provide great support for China's elderly care and health

    Traditional Chinese medicine is not only focusing on diseases, but also the best medicine for people who don't get sick, and the best doctor for people who don't get sick

    As a doctor how to let patients spend less money can cure the disease, all industries are to train customers, but medicine does not train customers

    The high cost of medical treatment can guarantee the doctor's income

    Because he is a special industry, he does not want to cultivate his own customers

    He wants to maintain human health

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