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    Chinese scholars have developed new degradable tumor diagnosis and treatment preparations

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    It is reported that due to the plasma resonance effect, nano gold and other precious metal nano materials show a good application prospect in the field of tumor diagnosis and treatmentHowever, at present, precious metal nanomaterials are not easy to be biodegraded, and there is a risk of long-term retention in vivo, which hinders their further clinical transformation< br / > it is found that rhenium alloy, which is widely used in aerospace materials due to its high stability, has good degradability when it is prepared into nano materialsBy using a simple one-step liquid-phase reduction method, the ultra-small nano rhenium clusters with a diameter of about 2nm were successfully prepared by the cooperation of the research team of Professor Zha Zhengbao from the school of food and bioengineering of Hefei University of technology and Professor Lu Yang from the school of chemistry and chemical engineeringThe nano rhenium has remarkable X-ray attenuation and near-infrared absorption characteristics, which can be used for CT diagnosis and photothermal treatment of tumor respectivelyThe experimental results showed that the X-ray absorption coefficient of the new material was better than that of the commercial CT contrast agent iopromideAfter injecting the material into the tumor site, a single laser irradiation of the tumor area for 10 minutes can achieve complete thermal ablation of the solid tumor, no recurrence within 16 daysAt the same time, the nano rhenium material can be transformed into almost non-toxic high rhenium ion under the action of hydrogen peroxide, which can be successfully discharged from the body through the kidney, ensuring the safety of tumor diagnosis and treatment< br / > Miao Zhaohua, the first author of the paper, said.
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