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    Chinese team released the progress of anti epidemic: another inactivated vaccine proved safe and effective in animals

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    Transferred from: Academic longitude and latitude < br / > a few days ago, the top academic journal Cell published a new development of anti sars-cov-2 vaccine onlineA inactivated vaccine, bbibp-corv, developed by the Chinese research team, has been shown to be safe and effective in a number of animal experiments, including macaques< br / > this work is co operated by Beijing Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd., China Center for Disease Control and prevention, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College, Tsinghua University and other unitsThe co correspondents include academician Gao Fu, Qin Chuan, Tan Wenjie, Lou Zhiyong, Li Changgui, Wu Guizhen, Xu Miao and Yang Xiaoming< br / > this vaccine under development uses the traditional inactivation technology, that is, after the virus is isolated, the vaccine kills the pathogenic microorganism but maintains its immunogenicityAs a mature vaccine, there are international standards to judge the safety and effectiveness of vaccine< br / > the research team isolated three new coronavirus strains from bronchoalveolar lavage samples and throat swabs of three new coronavirus inpatients, selected one strain with high proliferation and genetic stability, and established preclinical animal model of inactivated candidate vaccine< br / > in order to evaluate the immunogenicity of the candidate vaccine, the researchers first used a variety of immune programs and different doses of vaccines in different animal models such as mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, etcThe results showed that bbibp-corv could rapidly induce neutralizing antibodies with high titer in animals, thus providing protection for new coronavirus< br / > then, the team carried out further experiments on non-human primatesSpecifically, the rhesus monkeys in the experimental group were intramuscularly injected with bbibp-corv at low dose (2 μ g) and high dose (8 μ g) respectively on day 0 and day 14The new coronavirus was then introduced by intratracheal inoculation on day 24< br / > within 7 days after infection, the control group, which received placebo injection, could detect high viral load in throat and anus; lung pathological analysis showed that severe interstitial pneumonia developedIn contrast, three of the four monkeys in the low-dose group had no virus detected in their throat; four monkeys in the high-dose group had no virus detected in their throat, and two of them had no virus detected in their anus; and in all the monkeys receiving the vaccine, no virus was detected in their lung lobes, and their lungs remained normal, with only a few of them having local mild histopathological changes< br / > the researchers believe that the experimental results of rhesus monkeys show that the double dose immunization with low dose (2 μ g / dose) is enough to produce effective protection< br / > in animal experiments, the safety of the candidate vaccine has also been confirmedIn the paper, it is pointed out that the maximum tolerance dose of single intramuscular injection in rats is 24 micrograms, which is 900 times of the human dose, "indicating that bbibp-corv has good potential safety" It is worth mentioning that no antibody dependent enhanced (ADE) infection was found in the experiment, which provides important information for the evaluation of the safety of this candidate vaccine < br / > not long ago, the academic Jingwei team reported that another new inactivated crown vaccine developed by the Chinese scientific research team has entered the 1 / 2 phase of clinical trials This bbibp CroV is also the first batch of new coronavirus inactivated vaccine to obtain clinical research approval in China, which will increase the selection of candidate vaccines < br / > according to the authors, phase 1 / 2 clinical trials of bbibp CroV have also been initiated Thanks to the efforts of researchers, we are looking forward to more good news from the results of human clinical data < br / > the original title: cell published the progress of Chinese team's anti epidemic: another inactivated vaccine proved safe and effective in animals < br / >
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