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    Chinese traditional medicine and antibacterial drugs 274 standards open band procurement

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network June 10, June 8, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, the Health Insurance Bureau issued "on the development of Jinhua City, the second batch of drug tape procurement announcement", has formed anti-infective primary research drugs, anti-infection non-original research drugs and traditional Chinese medicine and other three preliminary catalog, a total of 274 product regulations to carry out volume procurementAccording to the batch purchasedrugpublic catalogue, Jinhua City's second batch of batch of antimicrobials involved: 70 non-original antimicrobial drugs, including injection of alosillin sodium, amoxicillin kravico acid capsule, injection of sodium cephalosporine, hydrochloric acid klinmycin injection, injection with meroponan, phosphate oseltamivir particles, etc.; Sodium pisacilinin, injectable amine peraminaxabutad in injection, etc.; 147 traditional Chinese medicines (excluding low-cost drugs) and 33 traditional Chinese medicines (including low-cost drugs), including compound fish yin herb, oxan yellow on-powder capsules, clear-cut sodium particles, dewind detox capsules, ginseng injections, strong lychee, hundred-year capsules, six-flavored pills, etcIn terms of procurement volume, the relevantpharmaceuticalagencies to estimate and report the expected purchase volume for the following year, in principle, anti-infective drugs according to the previous year's use of 60% statistics; The implementation cycle is tentatively scheduled for one yearIn terms of quotations, anti-infective drugs are quoted according to the original research drug and non-original research drug, to the current Zhejiang Province medical insurance payment
    standard(low-cost drugs to the linkage (procurement) price, the same below), the price reduction shall not be less than (including) 10%The maximum price of traditional Chinese medicine containing low-cost drugs in the same generic name regulations shall not be less than 10% less than (including) on the basis of the maximum price, and the price shall not be less than 20% if the chinese medicine produced by the exclusiveenterpriseis a low-cost medicine, and the price shall not be reduced by less than 20% on the basis of the maximum priceOther traditional Chinese medicines based on the current Standard of medical insurance payment in Zhejiang Province, the price reduction shall not be less than (including) 20%The review is divided by two links, the score and the expert vote high, such as the score of the same price low selectionIn addition to the force majeure factors, the winning enterprise in the event of non-supply according to the agreement, failure to ensure quality and supply, etc., should bear the additional costs arising from the replacement of drugs, otherwise it will be regarded as a breach of trust, the relevant breach of trust enterpriseall all products shall not be in the citypurchase all members of the alliance units for sale   The specific drug catalogue is as follows:
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