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    Chip supporting industry creates new economic vitality in Wuxi

    • Last Update: 2021-03-31
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        [China Epoxy Industry Online] News November 30, 2004 A few days ago, according to the news from the Organizing Committee of the 7th China Semiconductor Industry Association IC Branch Annual Meeting, this annual meeting was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu.

        According to the organizing committee, the location of Wuxi, the southern base of China's microelectronics industry, stems from Wuxi's solid foundation for the development of the integrated circuit industry.
    Wuxi is an important base for the domestic integrated circuit manufacturing industry.
    Since the "Sixth Five-Year Plan", the state has invested more than 3 billion yuan to form an industrial foundation led by "Huajing".
    Bipolar IC design, discrete device design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing and product market share are in a leading position in the country, and it is one of the seven integrated circuit industrialization bases in the country.
    State key projects such as the 58 Institute of Electronics and China Resources Microelectronics in Wuxi have developed rapidly with the support of the state's investment.

        What shocked the industry the most was the 12-inch integrated circuit manufacturing line jointly established by Hynix and STMicroelectronics in Wuxi.
    In addition, the previous China Electronics Technology Group and the Wuxi Municipal People's Government have cooperated to establish a "Wuxi Microelectronics Base" in Wuxi High-tech Zone, with an estimated investment of about 320 million U.
    dollars to build integrated circuit wafer manufacturing and industrial chain projects; China Resources Microelectronics new introduction The construction of the 6-inch line has begun; China Resources Shanghua’s IPO fund-raising plan to build an 8-inch line and other projects has made Wuxi this former "microelectronics Huangpu Military Academy" base become hot.
    For a while, lords from all walks of life gathered and business opportunities continued.

        In recent years, Wuxi has built an information industry science and technology park and a microelectronics high-tech science and technology park.
    A large number of integrated circuit design, packaging and testing companies such as Yiheng Technology, Shanghua Semiconductor, Huajing Silicon Technology, and Qiangmao Electronics have successively established integrated circuit industrialization bases in Wuxi, and the construction of Huayou Microelectronics and Wuxi High-tech Gas Accelerate the development of the integrated circuit industry in Wuxi New District.
    It has its own dedicated integrated circuit electroplating center and special industrial high-purity gas supply center.
    With integrated circuit manufacturing and design as the leader, the integrated integrated circuit industry chain supporting each other by packaging, testing and electroplating has been Formed in Wuxi.
    During the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period, Wuxi will strive to promote the rapid development of the integrated circuit industry by further improving supporting facilities, optimizing the investment and entrepreneurial environment, and making Wuxi one of the most important integrated circuit industry bases in my country.

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