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    City Huanxin, three trees project to help Shanghai Hongqiao Airport noise reduction transformation project successfully completed, the old appearance of the community.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-30
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    Shanghai old reform fully accelerated, Hongqiao Airport noise reduction transformation project as a national aviation noise reduction case project, the Shanghai Municipal Committee, the municipal government attaches great importance to, the first implementation of the project is the Shanghai Municipal Committee appointed the difficult project.

    project renovation work is committed to improving and optimizing the living environment of residents in the area affected by aviation noise at Hongqiao Airport, and ensuring that the indoor acoustic environment of residential housing conforms to the relevant national standards.

    as a leader in high-end coatings of major brands, three trees have been helping Shanghai old reform, and recently successfully selected in the 2020 Shanghai residential repair engineering materials promotion directory.

    in this project, the three tree project is responsible for the project a standard section of 240,000 square meters of housing exterior wall to provide product coating and construction guidance, to help improve people's living conditions, improve the image of urban areas, to achieve urban organic renewal.

    three trees outside the wall of the four king Kong products to make the old community re-emerged this project construction side said that the previous construction more use of the external wall flat coating materials.

    in this project, in addition to flat coating, in order to get better construction results, so that residents more satisfied, three tree projects in this project using three trees in the new series of products in the external wall of the four major King Kong product system.

    of them, like natural, more natural, ingenious, unique, realistic imitation stone effect, rich popular colors, so that the wall is very artistic, while better anti-cracking, color preservation, weather resistance and waterproof performance, can long-term protection of the wall, reduce the loss caused by time. In addition,

    , as a decorative effect similar to marble, granite materials, with natural natural color, giving people elegant, solemn beauty, with fire, waterproof, acid-base, pollution-resistant characteristics, can effectively prevent the outside environment to the building erosion, extend the life of the building.

    in the three trees of high-quality paint dress up, so that the old community into a beautiful neat coat of the "new house", a fresh and fashionable city atmosphere came.

    intimate construction to build Huimin project this transformation project involves a wide range, affecting the population, the impact is significant, the three tree project team attaches great importance to coordination between departments, widely listen to the views of residents, accept residents supervision, from grass-roots treatment, tile renovation, hanging net, to brush crude putty, primer, paint, step by step to scientific operation, safety construction.

    the end, the target task is successfully completed by the time node.

    the construction of the project to the three trees to express affirmation: "Three trees of the big country brand not only product quality clearance, so that residents satisfied, but also for the service response in a timely manner, there is a demand."

    " it is understood that through this cooperation, three trees once again took the other sections of this project, continue to help Hongqiao Airport aviation noise control (Phase II) noise reduction transformation project. After the

    project, residents who have lived in the community for 15 years said that before the transformation, the noise of the airport disturbed the people seriously and had a great impact on life, and when he talked about the changes in the old community, he couldn't help but say: "The government spent money to do practical things, so that they were deeply moved, and really made the old reform project into a benefit project for the people."

    " today's Hongqiao Airport noise reduction transformation project the first batch of implementation projects have been successfully completed, the old community has been old and new look.

    three tree project will still bear in mind the mission, full of energy, into the old urban reform work, efficiently promote the old community rectification and transformation process, really enhance the well-being of urban residents.

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