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    Clariant's coatings and plastics business grew strongly in the first quarter of 2016

    • Last Update: 2021-07-25
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    Global Coatings Network News:

    As a leader in the specialty chemical industry, Clariant announced its sales in the first quarter of 2016, which was 1.
    478 billion Swiss francs (CHF), compared with 1.
    465 billion in the same period last year, (settled in local currency) ) Increased by about 3%.
    This increase is driven by sales.

    Growth in the Americas is good, with sales in Latin America up 11% and North America up 4%.
    The European region rose 1%, the Middle East and Africa rose 5%, and the above figures are all settled in their local currencies.

    The slower growth in the Asian region, affected by the weaker demand in the Chinese market, the Swiss franc settlement sales fell by 1%, even if there is a large demand from other smaller economies, this situation cannot be well compensated.

    The sales growth was mainly driven by health-care chemicals, plastics and coating products.

    The plastics and coatings sector grew by 4% to 639 million Swiss francs.
    This rally covers almost all regions, but the biggest driving force is emerging markets.

    2016 forecast: In view of the high-frequency fluctuations in commodity prices and exchange rates, Clariant estimates that the current unstable economic environment will continue.
    As for emerging markets, the economic environment is expected to remain challenging and more volatile.
    Hope to maintain a small growth in the United States, while the European market is relatively stable but weak.
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