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    Class Action Settlement Against Deceptive Marketing of Farmed Tilapia in China!

    • Last Update: 2022-10-02
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    American tilapia
    On Wednesday, U.
    Judge Patti Sarris, of the Massachusetts District Court, approved a settlement
    between Gorton and plaintiffs Jeffrey Allen Spencer and Kevin McCarthy.
    In their lawsuit, consumer plaintiffs allege that Gorton's tilapia products are made from "industrially farmed fish that cause damage to the environment and inhumane and unsustainable practices.
    Court documents show that at the August 11 hearing, Gorton's admitted that "some of its tilapia comes from fish farms in China, but argues that industry best practices are followed when sourcing from China.
    The Global Seafood Alliance and the New England Aquarium also filed a court brief in support of Gorton's motion to reject Gorton's claim
    that it uses credible third-party certification to ensure industry best practices.
    Judge Patti Saris said in an August 24 order that she could not allow the case to be dismissed
    at the time after receiving her testimony.
    "The plaintiffs did claim that Gorton's tilapia was partly from unsustainable Chinese fish farms that used 'environmentally damaging and inhumane' practices that seemed reasonable (despite the fierce controversy)," she said, adding that the lawsuit could be restarted
    in court in a 'non-complete' order that had been resolved within 60 days.
    Gorton's is a subsidiary
    of Nippon Suisan Kaisha (Nippon Kaisha) in Japan.
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