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    Classification and characteristics of color-changing inks

    • Last Update: 2022-05-09
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    Color-changing ink is a special ink that changes color by means of a sexual substance, which can be used in the anti-counterfeiting industry, toy industry, gift industry, clothing industry, handicraft industry,
    Color-changing inks can be classified into thermochromic inks, ultraviolet photochromic inks, ultraviolet fluorescent color-changing inks, infrared-excited color-changing inks, water-colored inks, optical color-changing inks, microcapsule scented inks, and luminous color-changing inks


    Classification of color-changing inks:

    Thermochromic ink, UV photochromic ink, UV fluorescent color changing ink, infrared excitation color changing ink, water color changing ink, optical color changing ink, microcapsule fragrance ink, luminous color changing ink coating online coatingol.


    There are three main categories of color-changing wind-sensitive thermochromic inks:

    It displays a certain color at room temperature.
    After heating, the color disappears and becomes colorless.
    After cooling, it returns to the original color immediately.
    Because the change process is reversible, it is called "reversible temperature-changing decolorizing ink";

    It is colorless at room temperature, turns into another color after heating, and returns to the original colorless after cooling, because the change process is reversible, it is called "reversible temperature-changing color ink";

    The ink displays color at room temperature, and turns into another color after heating, because its change process is reversible, it is called "reversible temperature-change color ink"


    Characteristics of color-changing ink:

    Temperature change (thermal discoloration) water-based flexographic printing inks and water-based gravure printing inks.
    Thermal water-based flexographic printing inks are suitable for large-scale packaging production enterprises.
    For various types of flexographic printing machines, we can allocate corresponding ink

    It is mainly used in mass packaging and printing of famous brand products such as cigarettes, food, beverages, pesticides and medicines

    The thermochromic water-based anti-counterfeiting ink conforms to the environmental protection requirements put forward on tobacco packaging

    In line with the relevant national policy orientation, because of its beautiful appearance and convenient detection, it is welcomed by many cigarette factories, and it also lays a good foundation for cigarette pack printing companies to occupy the market


    Solvent-based heat-sensitive color-changing gravure ink Solvent-based heat-sensitive gravure ink is suitable for large-scale packaging production enterprises, with good printing effect, rapid discoloration and full color

    It can well meet the corresponding printing methods of plastic products and tobacco packaging printing enterprises


    Thermochromic offset printing ink Thermal materials can be made into offset printing inks, but the overall printing color is lighter than that of ordinary offset printing inks, which is mainly related to the color-changing materials

    The offset printing ink we developed is uniform and flat, and can be combined with fluorescent technology.
    It can be used for anti-counterfeiting printing of bills, packages, books, etc.
    , so it has multiple anti-counterfeiting functions


    Screen printing ink Screen printing anti-counterfeiting ink can be used below 350 mesh, with good pattern effect, smoothness and full color.
    All the above anti-counterfeiting materials can meet the requirements of silk screen printing


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