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    Classification and use of large-capacity refrigeration centrifuges

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Large-capacity refrigeration centrifuges use variable frequency motor drive, microcomputer control, liquid crystal displayCan store 12 operating procedures, 19-stage lift rate adjustable, fault automatic diagnosis functionRefrigeration system using imported compressor group, fluorine-free refrigerant and refrigeration/heating dual-circuit control, with high efficiency, heating, cooling speed, vibration and other multi-effect advantagesThe instrument can press the relevant parameter keys to set the rotor number, speed, time, temperature, increase/deceleration rate, or directly call the stored program number, press the start key after the instrument automatically enters the program controlIt is a rapid separation equipment for biochemical experiments in various industries, such as medical, health, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, food, petroleum, etc., which is used to separate particles with different densities in the solutionAccording to the different needs of the test, high-capacity refrigeration centrifuges can be divided into high-speed refrigeration centrifuges and low-speed refrigeration centrifuges, the following is a brief introduction of these two different performance of the test centrifuges.Classification of large-capacity refrigeration centrifuges: 1) high-speed refrigeration centrifuges: speed up to 10000 rpm or more, in addition to the performance and structure of low-speed refrigeration centrifuges, high-speed centrifuges use of the angle rotor turn head are made of titanium alloy and aluminum alloyThe centrifugal tube is a hard plastic product with a lid polyethyleneThese centrifuges are used to collect microorganisms, cell fragments, cells, large cells, sulfate deposits, and immunodeposits.2) Low speed refrigeration centrifuges: the speed is generally not more than 4000 rpm, the large capacity of 2-4L, is often used in the laboratory for a large number of primary separation to extract biological macromolecules, sediments and so onIts turnhead multi-aluminum alloy flat and angled two, centrifuge tube has hard glass, polyethylene hard plastic and stainless steel tube a variety of modelsThe centrifuges are equipped with a drive motor, timer, adjuster (speed indication) and refrigeration system (temperature adjustable range of -20-40 degrees C) to replace different capacities and different types of speed sturns according to the needs of centrifugal substances.High-capacity refrigeration centrifuge maintenance notes: 1Refrigeration centrifuges in the use of the motor can not start the phenomenon, or when the power indicator is not on, check the light fuse and indoor power distribution board fuse is blown, while checking whether the power cord is in good contact.2Refrigeration centrifuges such as short circuits or broken circuits in rotor coils, can be checked with a universal meter, rewindtheed coilsThe rotor can be used due to metal fatigue, speeding, overstress, chemical corrosion, improper selection, the use of the transfer head imbalance and temperature out of control and other reasons resulting in the rupture of the centrifuge tube, sample leakage, rotor damageFor the above situation mainly requires the operator to master the operating procedures, the correct selection of suitable centrifugal tube and centrifugal rotor, pay attention to strictly control each step of operation sequence, to minimize unnecessary damage, in the rotor safety factor and guarantee period of use.3Refrigeration centrifuges in the course of work, if there is any abnormal phenomenon should be immediately stopped, may not be forced to operate, so as to avoid unnecessary losses or accidents.4Laboratory refrigeration centrifuge bearing damage or rotation is blocked, the bearing lack of oil or bearing dirt more and cause friction almost increased resistance, the motor can not reach the rated speed, should be timely cleaning or replacement of the bearingThe surface of the rectifier has a layer of oxide, even burned into a bumpy or brush and the outer edge of the rectifier does not match can also make the speed drop, should clean the rectifier and brush, make it contact well.5If the oil pressure is too high and the host can not start, check whether the oil road is blocked, especially if the throttle hole is clear, if not unobstructed should be cleaned to make it clear.6One of the reasons for the poor start-up and cooling effect of the refrigeration centrifuge is that the power supply is not accessible, the power supply and fuse should be checked separately, and the voltage is too low, the safety device failure can also make the freezer can not start.
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