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    Clin Nutrition: Effects of immunomodulated nutrients on infection complications in patients with low skeletal muscle lumps after pancreatic heterotomy

    • Last Update: 2021-01-12
    • Source: Internet
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    Despite recent advances in surgical techniques and perioperative management, the incidence of postoperative complications from pancreatic heliostomy (PD) remains high, usually between 40 and 70 per cent.
    complications mainly include pancreatic fistula, delayed gastric drain and infectious complications.
    nutritional additives are considered an important part of patient recovery in treatment strategies to reduce postoperative infections.
    focus on clinical nutrition has shifted from simply covering the need for energy and nitrogen to new concepts for specific nutrients such as arginine, glutamine and omega-3 fatty acids.
    the main role of these substrates is to regulate postoperative inflammatory response and compete with postoperative immune damage.
    immunotrophic nutrition is usually defined as a combination of 20 carpentry acid (EPA), arginine and nucleotides to reduce the incidence of stress and infection complications in PD patients.
    addition, muscle reduction is a reduction in skeletal muscle mass and has recently been considered an indicator of a patient's health.
    may be caused by many different physiological and pathological conditions, such as aging, cancer, malnutrition, sepsis and certain chronic diseases.
    is considered a poor prognosis for patients with various cancers, and some researchers suggest that muscle reduction may be associated with postoperative complications in patients undergoing abdominal surgery.
    , however, there have been no reports of a relationship between muscle reduction and immunotrophicity after selective gastrointestinal surgery.
    study aims to review the effects of preoperative immunotrophic nutrition on postoperative complications, especially infectious complications, in patients receiving low skeletal muscle mass of pancreatic heterostomy (PD).
    this study as a retrospective, continuous queue study.
    used preoperative computer fault scan images to assess skeletal muscle quality in 298 patients treated with PD between May 2009 and May 2016.
    third lumbar amputation area in patients is defined as skeletal muscle mass index (SMI).
    researchers assessed the risk factors for complications of postoperative infection and the effects of preoperative immunotrophic nutrition in patients with low SMI who received PD before surgery.
    multiple analyses showed that the independent risk factors for postoperative complications of PD infection were low SMI and deficiency of preoperative immunotrophic nutrition .
    in patients with high SMI, the incidence of postoperative complications was significantly lower in patients receiving immunotrophication than in patients without immunotrophication (31.9% and 46.1% ;P s 0.045).
    , the researchers concluded, patients with low SMI and immunotrophicity were more associated with reduced infection complications
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