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    CNOOC's "Four-Star Lianzhu" platform has cumulatively produced over 20 million tons of oil and gas

    • Last Update: 2022-05-24
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      Recently, it was learned from CNOOC Bohai Oilfield Liaodong Operating Company that the Jinzhou 25-1 South oil and gas field, which has Asia's largest offshore "Four Stars and Pearls" platform, has produced more than 20 million tons of oil and gas since it was put into production in 2009.
    Nearly 4 billion cubic meters of green and clean energy of natural gas are transported in the region, making important contributions to ensuring national energy security, promoting winter supply in northern China and economic and social development


      CNOOC Bohai Oilfield Jinzhou 25-1 South Oil and Gas Field is located in the middle of Liaodong Bay of Bohai Sea and is the largest offshore crude oil and natural gas pipeline network control hub in northern China
    Its main platform is composed of two central gathering and transportation processing platforms and two wellhead production platforms connected by trestle bridges.
    There are a total of 26 platform legs, the total weight of the structure exceeds 35,000 tons, and the total deck area reaches 30,600 square meters, equivalent to 4.
    5 With the size of a standard football field, it takes about 2 hours for offshore workers to complete a full inspection

    At present, this "big mac" has become the largest offshore conjoined platform in Asia


      In recent years, oil and gas fields have actively carried out "two lifts and one drop" related work.
    By implementing "one well and one strategy" to tap the potential of oil wells, promote the optimization of lifting methods to improve single well production, develop intelligent sub-injection to improve water injection efficiency, and implement adjustment wells to improve injection The production well pattern and other measures have achieved continuous oil stabilization and water control


    From: Xinhua News Agency


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