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    [Coal Chemical Industry] Buried pipeline stray current detection equipment breaks the monopoly

    • Last Update: 2022-01-14
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    Recently, Shengli Oilfield Technical Testing Center successfully developed and formed a new type of buried pipeline stray current detection equipment with independent intellectual property rights .
    The measurement sensitivity of this equipment can reach 20mA@1m, and the maximum measuring depth can reach 100mA@4m.
    It realizes rapid detection and positioning of stray current and monitoring and early warning.
    Not only does its technical parameters match those of foreign equipment, the price of a single set of equipment is only that of foreign equipment.
    One-fifth, break the technology monopoly in one fell swoop.

    Detection current

    Stray current refers to the current flowing outside the specified circuit, usually due to the resistance coupling, capacitive coupling and electromagnetic induction coupling of high-voltage circuits or electrical facilities.
    Statistics show that 80% of the corrosion and perforation accidents of oil and gas pipelines in my country are mainly caused by stray currents.
    The corrosion rate of pipelines caused by them is dozens or even hundreds of times that of natural corrosion, which brings severe challenges to the safe and stable operation of petroleum and petrochemical buried oil and gas pipelines.

    "The test results show that a pipeline with a wall thickness of 8 mm under 1 ampere current can be pierced in 4 months.
    " said Liu Haibo, deputy director of the Special Equipment Inspection Institute of the Technical Inspection Center.
    In recent years, with the development of high-speed rail and UHV transmission lines With rapid development, there will be stray currents in tracks, high-voltage lines, subway areas, and even near power facilities in joint stations.

    At present, Sinopec’s internal pipeline for oil product transportation is approximately 20,000 kilometers.
    Therefore, it is essential to accurately determine whether there are stray currents on the pipeline, whether there are inflow and outflow points, and to provide early warnings for the safe and environmentally friendly operation of oil and gas pipelines.

    Prior to this, in the field of buried pipeline stray current detection technology, foreign equipment such as RD-SCM of Radiodetection in the United Kingdom has always occupied a monopoly position, and the purchase amount of a single set of equipment needs 500,000 yuan.
    Liu Haibo said: “Foreign equipment can directly display the stray current value of the pipeline without touching the pipeline.
    It has absolute technical advantages in sampling accuracy, sampling frequency and synchronous acquisition.
    However, ordinary equipment needs to be connected to the pipeline and the ground to measure The voltage difference is used to measure the current.
    The core of this technology is to break through the current reading algorithm of the tube element, which is strictly confidential abroad.

    In 2016, Sinopec initiated a scientific and technological research project for this project.
    Through technical research, the research team constructed a mathematical correlation model between the electromagnetic field intensity of the equipment probe array and the current in the tube, solved the technical bottleneck, and successfully developed the core detection element for the current in the tube.
    On this basis, the research team developed a new type of buried pipeline stray current detection equipment.

    According to Liu Haibo, the inspection center conducts more than 800 kilometers of buried pipeline inspection every year.
    From the perspective of application, the new type of buried pipeline stray current detection equipment is widely praised.
    At present, the research results of this technology have successfully applied for national patents, and the prospects for promoting the localization of equipment in related technical fields are promising.
    It will also play an important role in ensuring the intrinsic safety of Sinopec's oil and gas pipelines.

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