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    [Coal Chemical Industry] Jinhang Furnace completed 168-hour industrialization test

    • Last Update: 2022-01-15
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    The Jinhang Furnace (JM-H) jointly developed by Jinmei Group and AVIC Xi’an Sixth Research Institute conducted a 168-hour industrialization test in Yuncheng Jinfeng Wenxi Chemical Company .
    On April 28, the Coal Chemical Industry Expert Committee of Jinmei Group evaluated that the industrialization test of Jinhang Furnace was successful, and all indicators met the design requirements, and the problem of high ash melting point anthracite lump coal slag gasification was overcome.

    Jinhang Test

    Experts believe that compared with traditional fixed-bed intermittent gas-making furnaces, Jinhang Furnace has the advantages of low investment in transformation, low coal consumption, large gas production, and high degree of intelligence.
    The carbon conversion rate is greater than 99.
    5%, and the slag carbon content is less than 0.
    %, the steam decomposition rate is greater than 95%, the production accessories can be recycled and reused, and the coal raw materials can be eaten and squeezed out.

    Mao Baoqi, vice chairman and secretary general of the Shanxi Chemical Industry Association, pointed out that the successful research and development of Jinhang Furnace has opened up a new path for the clean and efficient use of coal, and will effectively alleviate the problem of poor sales of anthracite lump coal in the market.

    Li Hongshuang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Jinmei Group, said that in the future, Jinmei Group will rely on Jinhang furnace technology to further promote the construction of the gasification island project, and at the same time vigorously promote the three furnaces of Jinhang furnace, Jinmei Saiding furnace, and Jinmei L furnace.
    "Strategy to be the leader of the green coal development and utilization base.

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