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    [Coal Chemical Industry] Shaanxi Coal Group Weinan City Joint Office Emergency Drill for Hazardous Chemicals Accident

    • Last Update: 2022-01-15
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    June 23, Shaanxi Coal Group cum Weinan City in 2020 of dangerous chemicals matter and should emergency drill was held in the Wei-based company, designed to identify security risks of hazardous goods producers may face, review of hazardous chemicals spill response capabilities Improve the level of emergency rescue management.

    The group should

    The drill focuses on actual combat.
    Simulate an unmanned aerial vehicle carrying a self-made bomb into the production area of ​​Weihua Company without authorization, and attacking the ammonia buffer pressurization area of ​​the major dangerous source of the urea plant, resulting in "damage" of some equipment, pipelines and instruments, and the V7701 medium pressure ammonia tank was discharged The liquid pipeline "ruptured" and a large amount of liquid ammonia "leaked" and spread rapidly, causing a nearby employee to "poison".

    Weihua quickly launched an emergency response plan for hazardous chemical leakage accidents, established an on-site emergency rescue headquarters, and a professional emergency rescue team rushed to the scene to carry out emergency rescue as soon as possible.

    In view of the continuous expansion of ammonia leakage and the spread of ammonia along the wind, which endangers the safety of the surrounding people outside the plant, Weihua notified the High-tech Zone Management Committee to organize the emergency evacuation of residents on the east side of the plant.
    After receiving the police, the Weinan Fire Rescue Detachment immediately rushed to the scene to cooperate with Weihua Carried out emergency actions such as countermeasures against drones, fire water dilution, water curtains to suppress toxic ammonia, polluted water control, atmospheric environment monitoring, leak blocking and other emergency operations.
    Eventually, the foreign drone attack was collapsed and the liquid ammonia leak was successful.
    Blocked, the device stopped safely, and the emergency rescue and disposal were successful.

    The Inspector Law of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shaanxi Province pointed out that the party committees at all levels of the enterprise must earnestly implement the safety production responsibility system, earnestly study and arrange the safety production work and production and operation together, and insist that the party and government have the same responsibility, one post and two responsibilities.
    Pay attention to the principles of co-management and dereliction of duty, improve institutions and systems, strengthen supervision and management, increase hidden danger investigation and remediation and capital investment, strengthen personnel safety training, and ensure the implementation of various safety production systems and measures.

    Shang Jianxuan, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Coal Group, stated that, as a coal and hazardous chemical company, Shaanxi Coal Group must always keep a clear head and tighten the string of safety production.
    Do not relax, not sloppy, or slack; you must make full use of General Secretary Xi Jinping.
    Important thoughts on production safety arm the mind, improve political positions, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of safety production work; always take safety production as the top priority, keep it in mind, grasp it, shoulder it, and take action on.

    "For a long time, Weihua Company has attached great importance to safety production, guided by safety culture, adhered to the establishment of a safety standardization level-one enterprise, deeply carried out the construction of dual prevention mechanisms, focused on consolidating the foundation of safety management, highlighted in-depth investigation and management of potential safety hazards, and established and improved safety Manage the long-term mechanism and make every effort to build an intrinsically safe enterprise.
    " Zhang Zengzhan, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and General Manager of Weihua Company, said that the company will use this exercise as an opportunity to further improve the emergency linkage mechanism and effectively improve the management personnel at all levels.
    And employees’ response speed and rescue and disposal capabilities to emergencies, the concept of safety development is firmly established with a sense of crisis of “walking on thin ice”, and the sense of urgency of “nothing is lost” is used to prevent and resolve risks and to investigate and manage hidden dangers, and to “keep the earth”.
    The sense of mission of "Conscientious" fully implements the safety production responsibility system.

    Chen Feng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Weinan Emergency Management Bureau, commented on the exercise that the exercise was fully prepared, well-deployed, the exercise content was scientifically designed, the focus was prominent, the organization and command were in place, and the handling teams were clear and responded quickly.
    The personnel are full of energy and reasonable handling.
    The drill tested the scientificity and practicability of the emergency response plan, accumulated actual combat experience in response to the emergency, and achieved the expected goal.

    The exercise was co-sponsored by Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group and Weinan Municipal Government, and was undertaken by Shaanxi Chemical Group Company, Shaanxi Weihua Group Company, Weinan Emergency Management Bureau, and Weinan High-tech Zone Management Committee.
    More than 200 people from Shaanxi Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Provincial Emergency Management Department, Provincial Fire and Rescue Corps, Weinan Municipal Government, Shaanxi Coal Group and its affiliated companies and other relevant persons in charge observed the scene.
    More than 150 people from the Weihua Emergency Rescue Brigade and Weinan City Fire Rescue Brigade participated in the exercise, using modern rescue vehicles and emergency equipment such as high-jet fire trucks, robotic transport vehicles, fire robots, reconnaissance drones, and reconnaissance radars.

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