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    [Coal Chemical Industry] There are new ways for the green synthesis of MOF materials

    • Last Update: 2022-01-14
    • Source: Internet
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    During an interview with Xue Chunfeng, associate professor of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology, it was learned that Xue Chunfeng's research team has made a major breakthrough in the preparation of metal organic framework material MOF-199, breaking the existing industrial synthesis of MOF-199 with low yield, many by-products, and waste liquid treatment.
    Restricted by other problems, a sustainable
    green synthesis method was found for the preparation of MOF-199 .


    In order to eliminate the influence of by-products on the yield of MOF-199, the research team proposed a strategy of indirect contact with by-products by introducing sodium hydroxide (AISB), and designed a sustainable no-waste emission synthesis pathway for MOF-199 .


    According to Xue Chunfeng, in the synthesis system, sodium hydroxide can well capture and fix the by-products volatilized from the reaction system, which enhances the dynamics of the entire reaction process, thereby obtaining a higher yield.
    The product formed after the contact of sodium hydroxide with the by-products is easy to purify and recover, which provides sustainable technology for resource recovery and utilization, and reduces secondary pollution to the environment.

    "MOF-199 is formed by the coordination polymerization of trimellitic acid and copper nitrate.
    In traditional industrial synthesis, the reaction process will produce nitric acid with strong acidity.
    MOF-199 is a weak acid and weak base salt.
    It is difficult to exist in strong acids.
    In addition, by-products produced during the synthesis process will also hinder the production of MOF-199, resulting in a low yield of MOF-199 and restricting its development in the field of materials.
    " Xue Chunfeng introduced.

    In order to meet the above challenges, Xue Chunfeng’s research team designed a strategy to indirectly induce the transfer of by-products in alkali based on the previous accumulation in the green synthesis of porous functional materials, which achieved the high-capacity synthesis of MOF-199 and its dry-based yield.
    Reached 97.
    Xue Chunfeng further introduced: “The reaction process has no accumulation of any intermediate products, high selectivity, single product, and simple subsequent separation and purification.
    Using copper hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide, it can be converted into raw reactants together with by-products for recovery.
    At the same time, the mother liquor can be directly used as a solvent to synthesize MOF-199, achieving the effect of no waste discharge.

    "Through further technical research, the team has completed the MOF scale-up experiment in the laboratory, laying the foundation for realizing a ton-level daily production capacity.
    " Xue Chunfeng said that the team hopes to cooperate with enterprises to accelerate the transformation of scientific research results.

    As an important new type of porous material, MOF materials are widely used in catalysis, energy storage and separation.
    In the next step, the team will focus on the volatile acidic substances produced during the synthesis of more complex and diverse materials, continue to use alkali to induce by-products indirectly, strengthen the reaction power, synthesize high-quality materials with high yields, and achieve sustainable reactions , To fundamentally reduce secondary pollution in the production process.

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