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    [Coal chemical industry] Tianye Group's mercury-free catalyst project accelerates the development process

    • Last Update: 2022-01-14
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    Recently, the Tianye Group Institute of mercury-free catalyst to speed up the research and development laboratory and testing process, the project group of independent organizations of acetylene hydrogen chloride microreactor experimental device construction, laboratory evaluation test for the catalyst.

    Group Project

    It is understood that the complete set of acetylene hydrochlorination micro-reactor experimental equipment is expensive to purchase, and the delivery time is long.
    In order to speed up the research and development progress and save time and money, the project team decided to use the existing pipe fittings, valves, flowmeters, controllers and other equipment materials to independently build the micro-reverse experimental device.
    In order not to affect their usual work, the project team members used the noon break and weekend time to work overtime, do it by themselves, design, select materials, build, and debug.
    Everyone worked together and cooperated with each other to successfully complete 1 set (2 Taiwan) The construction of the micro-reactor experimental device.

    Although the micro-reaction device is small, it involves all aspects of the reaction system, heating system, and control system.
    The self-built micro-reaction device this time improves the efficiency of catalyst formulation screening and testing, speeds up the research and development process, and exercises the project team on the other hand.
    The ability of members, especially new employees, to build experimental devices by hand has strengthened the tacit understanding and collaborative combat capabilities between project team members, and has also greatly saved equipment procurement funds; it has also further enriched the project team’s laboratory basic research and development facilities.
    Improved the R&D and testing efficiency of the project team, laying a good foundation for the mercury-free catalyst project to accelerate the R&D and testing process.

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