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    Coal-to-ethanol and coal-to-aromatics project in Yushen Industrial Zone started

    • Last Update: 2021-03-29
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    On the morning of November 6, the start of the Yushen Coal-based Ethanol Project of Yanchang Petroleum Group and the launching ceremony of the Yuheng Coal-to-Aromatics Project was held in Yushen Industrial Zone, Yulin, Shaanxi.

    Among them, the Yushen coal-based ethanol project invested 6.
    4 billion yuan, using Yanchang Petroleum’s own intellectual property rights to produce absolute ethanol (DMTE) technology from coal through synthesis gas.
    The project uses Xiwan coal as a raw material and converts 1.
    5 million tons of raw coal annually.
    The product is fuel ethanol, which is the first phase of Yanchang Petroleum's investment in the construction of an annual production of 8 million tons of coal extraction tar and synthesis gas integration (CCSI) industrial demonstration project.

    Yuheng’s coal-to-aromatics project has an investment of 18.
    7 billion yuan.
    It uses Tsinghua University’s methanol-to-aromatics technology to convert 3 million tons of raw coal annually.
    The main product is mixed aromatics.
    It is of great significance to promote the innovation and development of my country's coal chemical industry due to the gaps in the aromatics industry in the province and western regions.

    It is understood that the Yanchang Petroleum Yushen Coal-based Ethanol Project and the Yuheng Coal-to-Aromatics Project have been included in the National "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Coal Deep Processing Industry Demonstration", and are also key projects in Shaanxi Province and Yulin's top ten benchmark energy projects.
    In recent years, Yanchang Petroleum has relied on the advantages of innovative technologies such as comprehensive coal-gas conversion and kerosene co-refining, and has planned and deployed large-scale energy and chemical parks in Yulin, such as Yuheng, Jingbian, and Yushen, with an investment of more than 66 billion yuan to build methanol.
    , Acetic acid, polyolefin, coal-to-liquid and other modern coal chemical projects.

    Source: Sinochem New Network
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