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    Coating process: production process of zj-520 high grade exterior wall emulsion paint

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Formula: Ingredients: /kg alcohol ester twelve 20 defoamer DH-1113 wetting agent DH-1101 dispersant DH-5074 multifunctional additive AMP-953 barium sulfate (1250 mesh) 50 kaolin (1250 mesh) 50 talcum powder (1250 mesh) 50 titanium white powder (R-940) 225 propylene glycol 10 silicone modified acrylic emulsion (BP-108 type) 375 thickening leveling agent RM-20202 disinfectant DH-LXE2 alkali swelling type thickening agent DH-9395 fragrance, small amount of water added to 375 Shenyang steel structure fireproof coating construction expert punde Building Fire Engineering Co., Ltd Recommended introduction: since its establishment, Shenyang punde Construction Fire Engineering Co., Ltd

    has cultivated a group of professional construction teams with excellent equipment, rich experience and serious responsibility with advanced and scientific management methods and strict engineering quality assurance and after-sales service system

    It has undertaken a number of fire system installation projects, which has been praised by customers

    Every idea and special requirement of you will be fully considered by us and fully realized in the construction technology, which will become the cornerstone of our successful long-term development

    We are looking forward to your invitation, to provide you with quality services and high-quality technical support! All construction coatings have passed ISO9001 Coatings home news: 1, formula: composition /kg alcohol ester twelve 20 defoamer DH-111 3 wetting agent DH-110 1 dispersant DH-507 more than 4 functional assistant AMP-95 3 barium sulfate (1250 mesh) 50 kaolin (1250 mesh) 50 talcum powder (50) titanium titanium dioxide (R-940), propylene glycol diol silicone modified acrylic emulsion (BP-108 type) thickener leveling agent RM-2020, bactericide DH-LXE Add a small amount of water to 1000 2

    Production process: (1) production process of beating powder: ① high speed dispersion equipment is used for beating powder

    Start the high-speed disperser, and control the rotating speed at 200-300r / min

    add 160kg water, 10kg alcohol ester 12, 2kg defoamer, wetting agent, dispersant and multi-functional assistant to the cylinder

    After mixing, barium sulfate, kaolin talcum powder and titanium dioxide powder are added

    After adding, increase the speed of mixer to 1000r / min, continuously disperse and mix at high speed, and pay attention to check the fineness at any time, stop the dispersion and discharge after the fineness is qualified

    ② After washing the cylinder with 10kg water, return the water to the dispersed slurry

    (2) Paint mixing process: ① pre dilution: use 10kg water for thickener, 4kg water for thickener leveling agent and 10kg residual water for alcohol ester 12, disperse and dilute evenly, and reserve

    ② Start the low-speed mixing mixer to make the rotation speed 120r / min

    Add the prepared alcohol ester 12 diluent to the low-speed paint mixing cylinder, then add propylene glycol, 1kg defoamer, the prepared thickening leveling agent diluent and bactericide, and mix evenly

    Third, the silicone modified acrylic emulsion was added to the low speed paint and cylinder, and continued to disperse at low speed

    (4) add batches of fineness qualified batter into batches and slowly add them to the lotion before adding batches before mixing

    After the powder is added, it is fully stirred and evenly dispersed

    ⑤ Add the prepared thickener diluent slowly in the form of thin line, stir evenly, and adjust the viscosity of the coating to 95-100ku

    ⑥ Finally, at a low speed, add the fragrance slowly in a thin line, until the fragrance is suitable

    ⑦ For discharging, 100-120 mesh nylon mesh or bag filter shall be used

    Weighing and barrel filling, inspection of qualified finished products, warehousing or sale

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