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    Coatings Society Information: The new darling of the paint industry - high temperature-resistant powder coatings.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
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    01 Powder coating introduction and development in recent years, with the rapid rise of the real estate industry, the paint industry is also expanding rapidly. the progress of the
    era, also accompanied by home building materials, automobiles, ships, toys and other industries, and coatings are closely linked to the industry is also more and more, domestic high-speed rail, real estate is still in the construction, paint enterprises still have a huge space for development.
    high VOC emissions of oily coatings and pollution of the ecological environment, make people more determined to pursue a healthy and environmentally friendly coatings - powder coatings.
    powder coating is a solid powder 100% coating, it is different from the general solvent-based coatings and water-based coatings, not using solvents or water as a dispersion medium, but with air as a dispersion medium.
    it has the characteristics of non-volatile production, easy to clean, no solvent required, small harm to operators, high utilization rate of spraying, excellent performance and so on.
    with the increasing global concern for environmental protection, the use of powder coatings more and more extensive, China's powder coating use has exceeded 1 million tons.
    However, in such a huge powder coating market, powder coating market has appeared in the situation of oversupply, market competition intensified, so that the core competitiveness of enterprises facing elimination, which prompted enterprises to transform and upgrade to the direction of special functional powder coatings.
    02 High temperature-resistant powder coating formulation and application With the development of the home building materials industry, China has gradually become the world's main production base of stoves, ovens, exhaust pipes and other equipment, the market demand for high-temperature resistance on the coating surface is increasingly strong, and the general market for powder coatings long-term temperature resistance is low, at high temperatures of 200 degrees C and above, the coating will appear fade, yellowing and powdering and other phenomena, which promote the direction of powder coating to high-temperature powder coating.
    high temperature-resistant powder coating is a special functional powder coating, generally refers to the powder coating that can withstand temperatures above 200 degrees C called high-temperature powder coatings, according to the temperature, generally divided into 200 degrees C, 300 degrees C, 350 degrees C, 400 degrees C, 500 degrees C and above.
    is widely used in barbecue ovens, burning stoves, heaters, heating pipes, silence, ovens, car exhaust pipes, chimneys and other equipment.
    because of the advantages of high temperature-resistant powder coatings in environmental protection, safety, utilization and so on, it will gradually replace the traditional high-temperature paint.
    In recent years, due to the trend of "paint-to-powder" guidance, high temperature-resistant powder coatings to achieve temperature-resistant requirements of 500 degrees C and above market demand is also growing, but its development is also increasingly difficult, the progress of development mainly depends on the composition of high temperature-resistant powder coating formulations.
    03 Ammi new inorance environmental protection material - glass ceramic flame retardant function powder when the temperature resistance requirements of high temperature powder coatings reach 500 degrees C and above, powder coating formula will be different, with flame retardant functional powder instead of fillers and as a high temperature glass film and carrier, not only can achieve high temperature resistance function needs, but also play a role in physical enhancement.
    And the current market to achieve temperature resistance of 500 degrees C and above flame retardant functional powder is not much, including a new inorganic environmental protection material developed by the Amil microna technical team - glass ceramic flame retardant function powder, the use of glass ceramic flame retardant function powder high temperature melting, with high viscosity, and then glass or ceramic physical characteristics, under the impact of high temperature, part of the glass ceramic resistance Burning function powder by thermal melting and metal substrate sealing to form a protective layer of insulated glass state, outer glass ceramic flame retardant function powder by thermal melting to form an inorganic glass-like oxygen-insulated layer protection layer resin no longer high temperature oxidation, play a skeleton role, and finally form a layer of metal surface expansion and metal matching, color adjustable, antioxidant, anti-reducing, acid-resistant alkali and high weather-resistant protective layer.
    The following figures are recommended formulations for the application of high temperature-resistant powder coatings at 500 degrees C and 700 degrees C for open flame conditions: glass ceramic flame retardant functional powders are not only used in high temperature-resistant powder coatings, but are also widely used in a variety of flame retardant plastics, glues, harnesses, clothing, cable foreskins, socket lamp seats and sealed rubber parts.
    interested in learning about glass ceramic flame retardant function powder customers can consult Ami engineers to learn more! Disclaimer: This number is neutral on reprinting, sharing, stating, and opinions, for the purpose of industry exchange only, and the copyright is owned by the original author.
    copyright and intellectual property rights and other infringement issues, please contact this background, immediately delete the content processing.
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