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    Comey Pharmaceuticals invests $8 billion in Comey Health City

    • Last Update: 2021-02-20
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    Recently, Kangmei Pharmaceuticals issued an announcement confirmed the 8 billion "Conme Health City" plan, in fact, in addition to Comey, in the policy pressure, profit reduction situation, "not doing business" more and more pharmaceutical companies.

    8 billion Kangmei Health City
    in the announcement, Kangmei confirmed the intention to reach a cooperation agreement with Kunming City, "Kangmei Health City", the main contents of the intention include:
    Chinese herbal medicine trading center, Chinese herbal medicine bulk spot trading center, Chinese herbal medicine storage logistics center, Tao geodesy standard assessment / research and development center, national health town and other projects.
    project covers a total area of about 1000 mu, the total investment of the project is about 8 billion yuan.
    In fact, in addition to this $8 billion investment, Kangmei's acquisition of hospitals is also quite frequent:
    Kangmei began to participate in public hospital reform as early as more than 4 years ago, in July 2013, Kangmei Pharmaceuticals invested 1 billion yuan to build the largest private hospital in eastern Guangdong;
    In April 2016, we invested in The Kangmei Estuary Central Hospital of the Three-A Hospital in Jilin County to explore a new model of cooperative medical management, and
    subsequently, Kangmei invested in dozens of public hospitals, including Rongchang Zhong Hospital in Chongqing and Kaiyuan City Center Hospital in Liaoning Province, and hosted more than 100 public hospital pharmacies.

    pharmaceutical companies buy hospitals in large numbers
    in fact, in addition to Kangmei, pharmaceutical companies involved in hospital examples are not in the minority.
    according to incomplete statistics, in recent years, there have been Peking University Pharmaceuticals, China Resources Group, Hainan Hai Pharmaceuticals, Fosun Pharmaceuticals and other pharmaceutical companies announced the acquisition of medical institutions, some of the acquisition of the target or Sanjia Hospital.
    August 2013, Peking University Medical acquired Zhuzhou Lude Hospital in Hunan Province, and in early 2014 co-organized Peking University Psychological Hospital with Peking University Medical Department and Peking University Sixth Hospital. Since then, Peking University Medical has acquired Guiyang II Hospital and Guiyang Iv Hospital in succession, with a scale of up to 3 billion yuan.
    April 2015, China Resources Group and Huaibei Municipal Government signed an agreement on cooperation in the construction of the Municipal People's Hospital, the two sides committed to three years to build a new hospital area of the People's Hospital and fully put into operation.
    August 5, 2016, Jimin Pharmaceuticals announced that it intends to obtain an 80% stake in Ezhou Second Hospital Co., Ltd. by way of equity transfer and increase its capital, with a total investment of not more than 360 million yuan.
    On September 6, 2016, Fosun Pharma announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shanghai Fosun Hospital Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., and the Second Hospital affiliated with Nanhua University have signed the Investment Cooperation Framework Agreement, which will jointly build a modern hospital management system and operating model through the integration of superior resources, mutual benefit and win-win results, and ultimately achieve excellence, strength and growth in the health care industry.
    November 12, 2016, Hainan Haipanto officially bought Esteel Hospital from Wuhan Iron and Steel Group for 340 million yuan, and the two sides signed the Strategic Cooperation (Framework) Agreement.

    Pharma companies buy hospitals behind
    In recent years, the reform of the pharmaceutical industry has entered a deep stage, "medical insurance control fees," "drug zero plus percent," "strict control of drug proportion," "two-vote system" and other policies sword refers to pharmaceutical enterprises, drug prices into the normal decline, drug production and operation enterprises profit margins are constantly compressed.
    other hand, environmental pressure is increasing, raw materials companies seasonal shutdown, environmental protection investment, etc. are pushing up the cost of pharmaceutical enterprises.
    in general, pharmaceutical companies are facing a difficult transition period, and one of their ways out is to buy hospitals.
    hospitals, the end-market for pharmaceutical companies, will undoubtedly open up tightening market space to some extent.
    policy encouragement is also a catalyst for pharmaceutical companies to buy hospitals, in the past two years, the state has continuously introduced supportive policies to encourage social forces to invest in hospitals, the 19th National Congress report once again explicitly support social medical treatment, the development of health industry. (Seber Blue)
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