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    Common problems and failure analysis of automatic pill making machine for traditional Chinese Medicine

    • Last Update: 2018-06-27
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    [technical article of] in many pharmaceutical factories and hospital research departments, we can often see the figure of full-automatic pill making machine for traditional Chinese medicine, which has changed the way people take traditional Chinese medicine to a certain extent, because it can process different traditional Chinese medicine materials into some drugs that people will take in their lives, such as concentrated traditional Chinese medicine pills

    The way of patients taking traditional Chinese medicine has become more convenient, but for pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, more attention is paid to customers' feelings and problems in using the equipment, so as to improve and optimize the equipment and carry out deeper innovation

    A pharmaceutical equipment enterprise in Gansu Province summarized some troubles and difficulties in the process of customers operating the pill making machine of traditional Chinese medicine, and made experience sharing combining with the experience of the old master

    According to the staff of the enterprise, if there is any irregularity of traditional Chinese medicine pills, it is likely that there is a problem with the bearings

    At this time, the pills are either irregular or elliptical

    "This situation is more common

    The cause of this problem is either the deviation of shot making hole on the bearing or other reasons, but most of the problems are still problems on the bearing, and this phenomenon is more common on new equipment." The staff said

    Another problem is that the pill does not come out of the cutting mouth

    If there is such a situation, it is still the bearing problem

    The normal operation of the equipment is that it only takes about 1 to 2 seconds to put the pressed strip medicine into the grain mouth, and the formed pill will come out from the blanking mouth

    "If the strip medicine is put into the pill mouth for a long time without the pill coming out of the cutting mouth, you can open the upper cover of the machine to see if the bearing is running in the reverse direction, and if it is running in the reverse direction, it can be determined that it is a bearing problem," the staff said In addition, the problem of no pill out for a long time is also bothering customers

    In this regard, the enterprise staff said that the normal shot out time is 1 to 3 seconds

    If this time is extended or very slow, most of it is caused by the slow rotation speed of the bearing

    "It can be checked whether there is any uncleaned residue on the bearing, which will hinder the normal operation of the bearing

    If the condition is serious or the equipment is in urgent need of normal operation, professional maintenance personnel can be invited for maintenance." The above common situations are mainly caused by bearings

    Therefore, in the daily operation process, customers need to pay attention to the maintenance of bearings to prevent production problems caused by their faults

    However, there are other common problems in using the automatic Chinese medicine pill making machine, such as rough pill making

    Some experts say that there are equipment reasons for rough shot making, as well as the reasons for shot making materials and operation

    If it is the equipment reason, you can consult the relevant manufacturers to repair the equipment; if it is the latter, you need to pay attention to the operation

    If there are abundant fibers in the materials of the traditional Chinese medicine pill, the surface of the pill will be rough

    This problem can also occur if the powder is too coarse when making pills

    "If there is a high requirement for the appearance of the pill, enough beeswax, or lubricant, can be put in," the operator said In addition, if the medicine is not stirred evenly, there are minerals and shellfish in the medicine

    If the medicine is excessive, the surface of the pill will be rough

    Some experts remind: "when mixing materials, we should pay attention to the amount of water (honey)

    If the amount of water is too much, the pills are too thin and easy to deform

    If the amount of water (honey) is too little, the pills are not sticky

    So the amount of water added also depends on whether the pills are beautiful." Automatic pill making machine for traditional Chinese medicine is widely used, but different pills can also be distinguished by different pill making machines

    It should be the operator's idea to select different pill processing machines according to different ingredients

    Generally speaking, small pill making machine is used for simple operation

    The performance of the machine itself is very stable, and it is also convenient for cleaning and operation

    After continuous use, it also decomposes clearly and has a higher success rate, which ensures the composition content of each pill

    Those with large output and large scale tend to be large-scale pelletizers.
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