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    Common problems and solutions in the application process of waterproof material construction

    • Last Update: 2021-01-12
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    Different waterproof construction personnel in the construction of waterproof materials, due to different techniques will appear a variety of common problems, not timely avoidance and solution will have a great impact on the waterproof effect. In this paper, the relevant problems in the construction process of waterproof materials will be analyzed for examples and reasons, and corresponding solutions will be given.
    common problem
    hot melt coils after the spread of empty drums
    1, cause analysis:
    (1) grass-roots moisture, asphalt bonding material and grass-roots bonding bad;
    (2) due to the impact of personnel walking or other processes, looking for the surface of the stratum is contaminated with mud and water, and the grass-roots bonding is bad
    (3) wall rolls, the operation is more difficult, hot work easy to cause the plastering is not strict

    2, solution:
    (1) should lower the water table below the mat not less than 500mm. The mat layer should be applied 1:2.5 cement mortar to find a flat layer, in order to create a good base surface, while preventing the grass-roots moisture caused by the rise of capillary water;
    (2) to keep looking for the flat surface dry and clean, if necessary, should be done before laying the coil to take brushing, drying and other measures;
    (3) before laying the coil 1 to 2 days, spray or brush 1 to 2 cold bottom oil, to ensure that the roll and the base surface.
    FAQ II
    Coil shrinkage deformation
    1, cause analysis:
    (1) Coil storage is improper, tire body into water, resulting in evaporation of water during heating process, fetal contraction;
    (2) hot-melting profile with slate type in the construction of short-edge tie-up did not carry out pressure rock treatment, lifting peeling strength caused by small;
    (3) coil in the construction did not carry out an advance roll of coil, coil stress is too large;
    (4) construction process, brutal construction, force "kick" "pull" coil, so that the coil force too large long roll.
    2, solution:
    (1) roll construction can be carried out in advance roll, release stress;
    (2) prohibited in the construction completed waterproof layer for damaged construction,
    (3) before construction to check whether the roll is wet, if wet, after the roll drying to dry after construction.
    FAQ 3
    Wet-paved coil bonding is not secure
    1, cause analysis:
    (1) cement mortar is too thin to stick with the grass roots;
    (2) cement mortar over-drying;
    (3) low temperature cement hydration reaction is not complete;
    (4) the joint edge has debris, floating ash, bonding force is not enough;
    (5) grass-roots over-dry absorption of water in cement, cement hydration reaction is not complete;
    (6) premature walking on the surface of the coil.
    2, solution:
    (1) the grass-roots full wetting;
    (2) the grass should be flat, clean, no bump uneven;
    (3) construction should be painted on the surface of the coil and the grass at the same time cement mortar (3mm-5mm);
    (4) coil construction temperature should be between 5-35 degrees Celsius.
    four frequently asked
    polyurethane waterproof coating coating film foaming
    1, cause analysis:
    (1) the weather is too humid or rainy. The base surface is
    ; the low boiling point thinner is added when used, and the thinner is rapidly volatile and prone to bubbles or small holes;
    (3) hot weather, high grass temperature;
    (4) loose porous base;
    (5) single-part product: a coating film is too thick;
    (6) two-part product: avoid stirring due to excessive speed to introduce a large number of bubbles;
    2, solution:
    (1) rainy days pay attention to film protection;
    (2) carefully add diluent, or contact the relevant technical personnel to adjust the type of thinner;
    (3) brush, pay attention to the thickness of the coating, and sub-vertical brushing,
    (4) in the ambient temperature between 5-35 degrees Celsius construction.
    faq five questions
    JS polymer cement waterproof coating film cracking
    1, cause analysis:
    (1) the grass is too dry or improper treatment;
    (2) the ratio of liquid to powder is incorrect, the liquid adds too much water, does not cure into film,
    2, solution:
    (1) construction application of qualified powder;
    (2) strictly adhere to the correct ratio of liquid to powder,
    (3) in the ambient temperature between 5-35 degrees Celsius construction.
    FAQ 6
    Non-cured rubber asphalt waterproof coating and grass-roots bonding is not secure
    1, cause analysis:
    (1) grass-roots moisture;
    (2) grass-roots loose, sanding;
    (3) grass-roots un cleaned, dust, debris.
    2, solution:
    (1) to be dry at the grass-roots conditions of construction;
    (2) grass-roots grinding, blasting treatment;
    (3) grass-roots clean-up, remove grass-roots surface ash, debris.
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