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    Common problems and solutions of sheet metal stamping machine

    • Last Update: 2014-10-24
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    Our company can press all kinds of granular raw materials into tablets It is widely used in pharmaceutical, experimental reagent, pharmaceutical factory, chemical industry, food, college and other units to trial produce or produce all kinds of tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, special-shaped tablets in small batch The single punching machine is a kind of small table type electric continuous pressing machine, which can also be manually operated The utility model has the advantages of convenient use, easy maintenance, small volume and light weight A pair of die is installed on the machine, and the filling depth of the material, the pressure and thickness of the tablet can be adjusted Many customers are facing some problems that will not be solved when they just operate the sheet metal stamping machine Now I will briefly list some problems and solutions with you 1 When the single punch is used to press the sheet, it will be found that the particle size distribution is uneven, and the particle flow rate is different when pressing the sheet, resulting in the uneven particle size filled into the middle die hole Then our solution is to mix the particles evenly or screen too much fine powder 2 If you have fine powder adhering to the punch in the dark way, the difference in weight will be large At this time, the undercut rotation is not flexible We should check it in time, remove the die, and clean the undercut and middle die holes 3 If it is found that the fluidity of particles is not good and the amount of particles flowing into the middle die hole is more or less, the difference of sheet weight is too large and the limit is exceeded In order to improve the fluidity of particles, we should make particles again or add suitable fluxes such as silica gel 4 If you want to make good particles, you must layer the particles to reduce the particle size difference 5 Smaller tablets are made of larger particles We should choose the right size particles 6 The hopper is blocked, which often occurs in drugs with strong viscosity or humidity We should dredge the hopper, keep the tablet pressing environment dry, and add the flow aid properly 7 There is a big difference in material storage Control within 30% 8 The feeder is unbalanced or not installed in place, resulting in uneven packing Balance feeder or install in place 9 The scraper is uneven or poorly installed Leveling 10 If there is a forced feeder, the speed of the wheel of the forced feeder does not match the speed of the turntable Consistent 11 The consistency between punch and middle die hole is not good, for example, there is a lot of powder leaking between the outer circumference of down punching and die hole wall, resulting in "astringent punching" phenomenon of down punching, resulting in insufficient material filling The punch and middle die should be replaced 12 The length and length of undercutting are different and out of tolerance, resulting in uneven filling amount Correction, within ± 5 μ M 13 The damping force adjusted by the damping screw is not good Readjust 14 The filling track is worn or the filling mechanism is unstable Replace or secure 15 In pursuit of output, the rotary table rotates too fast and the filling quantity is insufficient In particular, when pressing large pieces, the rotating speed shall be properly reduced to ensure sufficient filling 16 The vibration of the tablet press is too large, the structure is loose, the assembly is unreasonable or reassembled; the setting pressure of the tablet press is too large Reduce the pressure.
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