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    Comprehensive analysis of local volume purchasing

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    After the national volume procurement, the local volume procurement is in full swingWhat is the relationship between different regions, between the local and the upcoming third batch of national volume procurement, and where the local version will go, etc., have become the focus of the industry< br / > this paper will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the local volume purchasing that has been carried out< br / > the notice on further deepening the reform of the medical and health system through centralized purchase and use of drugs issued on November 29 last year proposed that all regions should rely on the "provincial" platform for centralized purchase and emphasize "innovation", The notice on printing and distributing the key points of rectifying the unhealthy trend in the field of medicine purchase and sale and medical services in 2020, which was issued on 5 this month, also requires "promoting" the volume purchase in all regions (Table 1)< br / > < br / > in addition, on May 29 this year, Ding Yilei, deputy director of the Department of recruitment and procurement of the State Medical Insurance Bureau, affirmed Sanming alliance's on-line purchasing of non evaluated drugs, and encouraged the replication and promotion of its experience; < br / > in November 2019, Hu Jinglin, director of the State Medical Insurance Bureau, gave full affirmation to its exploration of centralized purchasing of non evaluated drugs during his investigation in Wuhan< br / > in fact, as early as the 11th China Pharmaceutical entrepreneur scientist investor conference held in Yanqi lake, Beijing, on October 10, 2019, director Ding made it clear that "not only the state but also the local governments should do it, and Shanghai and other places are already doing the pilot points of the volume procurement; not only the variety evaluation should be done, but also the non-evaluation should be done, Jiangxi Province has already begun to issue plans for external consultation"So, the current local procurement with large quantities, seemingly out of order, is actually a unified action under the guidance of big principles, which is the promotion of" 4 + 7 "experience, and also the exploration of new models< br / > the varieties involved in the local belt purchase have broken through the boundary of consistency evaluation, and the types and quantity of varieties involved have far exceeded the previous national belt purchaseNot only the slow disease varieties with large consumption are involved, but also antibiotics, anti-tumor and proton pump inhibitors are included, In particular, for the Chinese patent medicines whose 4 + 7 has been suspended due to the lack of consistency evaluation, we have also carried out volume procurement, for example, Qinghai has carried out volume procurement for six Chinese traditional medicine injections, i.eXueshuantong, Tanreqing, Xuesaitong, salvianolic acid salt, Shenkang and XiyanpingAmong the 274 specifications of Jinhua's second batch of volume procurement, there are 180 Chinese patent medicines, accounting for 66%(Table 2) < br / >, However, the formal rules on the conformity evaluation of generic drugs for chemical injection were just published on the 14th of last monthDoes this mean that the local government is speeding up the exploration of injection volume procurement at the same time, providing more experience for the upcoming third batch of the country? If so, the third batch of the country will include more injections, which is only speculation at present< br / > < br / > bidding rules have always been the most concerned issues of enterprisesFor example, in the previous national volume purchase, the number of selected varieties has been expanded from exclusive at 4 + 7 to no more than 3 at 4 + 7 expansion and no more than 6 at the second batchAnd the rules of local version with volume procurement are more colorfulIn addition to most regions striving for the lowest price in the country, there are also many ways such as bidding, negotiation, comprehensive scoring and preset reduction, and reappearance of double envelopes Even in some regions, in order to encourage enterprises to offer low prices, they can also keep the bidding price confidential, which can be described as a hundred flowers blooming Since innovation is needed, it is inevitable that all regions strive to be different (Table 3) < br / > Table 3 Comparison of belt purchase rules in different regions < br / > < br / > belt purchase in different regions has achieved a certain degree of price reduction Taking the centralized purchase of outpatient drugs for hypertension and diabetes in urban and rural residents of Hebei Province as an example, the largest drop is 81% (glimepiride tablets in Beilu), especially the lowest price of the smallest preparation unit, The bidding price of nifedipine tablets 10mg (Luxi, Shandong) is only 1 point and 2 cm (0.012 yuan / tablet), which is nearly twice lower than the 3 points and 3 cm of the lowest price paracetamol tablets (0.5g Chinese Medicine) purchased by the state in three rounds < br / >, The local version should not only learn from the experience of "4 + 7", but also contribute wisdom to the future national Version (such as the legendary third batch of the country) It remains to be seen whether the third batch of the country is parallel to the local version, or whether the local government should accumulate more experience before starting < br / > in a word, if there is any difference in the current belt purchase, that is, the country only conducts belt purchase for the varieties that have passed the consistency evaluation, while the local government focuses on non evaluated ones; and the sharp price reduction is the common point of all centralized purchase < br / > therefore, the relevant pharmaceutical companies should base on their own products, carefully summarize the bidding experience of all regions, and actively respond, especially prepare for a substantial price reduction For example, some pharmaceutical enterprises adopt all bidding, while others temporarily abandon bidding in some areas with small purchase volume to keep the base price secret < br / > through a wide range of pilot projects, we will eventually establish a normalized and standardized centralized volume procurement system to effectively reduce the burden of drug use on the masses.
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